events, communities and basketball

There’s a lot of articles about recent or upcoming tattoo conventions but this time let me draw some attention to one such event only: Transilvania Tattoo Expo that’s just taken place in Romania was the first international body art convention in this country.

Local touches since I always enjoy them but they also usually show how tattoo artists can get active in the local community: Tracy, CA, tattoo artist trying to make his shop a kind of cultural centre for the local youth and a Syracuse, NY, shop raising money for cancer research. Fighting stereotypes one event at a time 😉

Speaking of the stereotypes… something for the ‘gem’ category: ‘everyone sporting the pirate wear;’ personally, I didn’t find it offensive; quite the opposite, actually.

Tattoo artists: Louis Molloy called ‘Mozart of tattooing’ in this German one and even though the interview isn’t stellar, Molloy managed to say quite a few interesting things towards the end of it. On the other side, there is an old interview with Friday Jones and another one where she speaks openly about Jolie’s private tattoo. It’s somewhat odd to read about tattoos that were supposed to be ‘secret’ and – celeb or not – I don’t think it’s proper to let everyone know what someone decided to get done, ‘down there’ or anywhere else. A breach of work ethics?

I do admit it’s not overly interesting or unusual but since there’s almost no Polish accents on my blog, I’ll take a liberty to post it: a Polish NBA player ‘gets ink for his ink.’

(too) colorful

The Nuggets NBA team made the news recently and looks like the topic of NBA and tattoos is still overly popular: ‘tattoos have made NBA almost unwatchable’ and ‘neck tattoos in NBA.’

A nice slideshow from the Tattoo and Body Art Expo in Houston, TX and a review of the Expo Tatuaje in Mexico Monterrey; also, an article in Spanish featuring a Mexican tattoo artist Jorge Castro.

Body art on TV: ‘he’s inky and he’s going to be a TV-star again’ (interesting how the title is totally different than the contents; makes the whole thing less convincing IMHO) and a review of the ‘Global Ink,’ a documentary by Lars Krutak.

Another touch of small town tattoo/body piercing shops in ‘leaving his mark’ from Canada.

Tattoos and soldiers in ‘tattooed under fire’ (or the stories of US soldiers in Iraq) and something entirely different in ‘tattoo for troops’ as a way to raise some funds for a good cause.

A touch of body piercing in an article from Australia about microdermals.

And finally something nicely exotic: ‘tattoo show to be staged’ in Mongolia; there are countries that never make the global news, so it’s always interesting to come across something shedding some dim light on them.

simply: a long post

A good rapport between a customer and their tattoo artist/piercer doesn’t appear out of nowhere but rather keeps growing over months or years; some of us are lucky enough to have actually found a great artist who also became a good friend. Sometimes you get to read about it in a newspaper, too: ‘me and my tattoo artist’ is about such a close relationship.

Good artists are usually in good shops, so it’s essential (no matter how often you get to hear that!) to choose a good reputable place and even then just take your time and look around. This article from Austria discusses a recent survey about the local shops; turns out, many shops don’t meet the basic requirements.

On another serious note, an article from TX discussing ‘tongue piercings and serious dental distress.’ And here’s something I came across in a book I’m reading at the moment (‘Freaks of the storm’ by Randy Cerveny): ‘the BBC of London in 2003 reported that a woman became temporarily blind and badly blistered by a lightning strike that seemingly was centered on her tongue stud’ (p. 68). Fortunately, the book is focused on bizarre weather anecdotes and such misfortunes don’t happen often.

Fakir Musafar and the modern piercers in an article from RI: ‘Thayer St. shop pierces the spirit’ – focus on the piercers’ general attitude and the intensive courses taught by Musafar in CA.

Another interesting article from Gizmodo: ‘Bare conductive ink turns your body into handy extension cord’ with a few cool pictures.

Misspellings in the celebs’ tattoos in ‘this is why I won’t get a tattoo’ (the news spread fast, so here’s about it in German).

I’ve just added a new category for scarification as now and then something actually appears on the subject; here’s two articles: from Australia and the UK; the Australian one is more in depth!

Medical tattoos’ from India and a silly discussion on tattoos in ‘Point/ Counterpoint.’

To end on a funny (and weird) note, ‘Joel Madden was asked to cover tattoos for flight.

risks and advice

A few ‘gender-oriented’ articles today: ‘Job helps pierce veil of ignorance’ (Elayne Angel quoted here) and ‘genital piercings can cause serious health risks’ deal with female genital piercings, so it’s something that’s not widely discussed. There’s also another short one about female circumcision (and here’s another one in German, more in depth, ‘submitted’ by Bastian some time ago).

Mods and jobs in ‘expression at the cost of professionalism’ and ‘tattoo taboo’ (this one is actually pretty interesting!)

There’s also some ‘advice on tattoos and body piercing’ (spiced up with some wannabe psychological approach) and a more common-sense article from Finland, ‘the art of the tattoo;

For those interested in tattoo removal some info on the just launched Tattoo Removal Information website.

An article about one of my favorites: Henk Schiffmacher and one of his artistic endeavors!

And the link that’s just appeared in my mailbox: news from FL about a proposed tattoo bill that might make the life of the local tattoo artists way harder! Hopefully there will be more information about it soon.

law, small towns and gossip

A slow weekend but there are a few interesting ones today again:

Let’s start with law: I’ve already linked on here to articles about proposed changes in tattoo regulations in IA; here’s more about it: ‘proposed tattoo regulations raise ire.’ Another interesting one is from OK, where ‘lawmakers want to ban eyeball tattoos;’ the language the said ‘lawmakers’ use to explain their reasons is very interesting.

Tattoo parlors and mixed reactions of the local communities in ‘tattoo shop raising eyebrows in Abacoa’ and ‘tattoo parlor could be an asset.

street kids shown a better direction’ from New Zealand – sometimes a dream of becoming a tattoo artist is not as bad as it might seem to some people out there.

Another one from IA shows tattoos in a more artsy way: ‘photographing tattoos’ shows tattoos on the local tattoo artists.

Finally something I’ve read with mixed feelings – at first I got glad to be able to post here something with a Polish accent in it only to cringe at how trashy this short article is: ‘Celt Boruc gets tattoo;’ obviously, sometimes even a subject of the article cannot save it from the gutter!

and the mods go on

New year, new tattoo conventions – the first one this year is probably taking place in Pomona, CA.

News from Michigan where the new law requiring licensing tattoo parlors is delayed for next few months.

A little lighter stories from India (‘there’s a tale behind every tattoo’) and NC (‘a faith thicker than ink’ with an interesting take on the Leviticus quote).

Good words’, posts by people to thank others for their good work, mention a reputable Oregonian shop, High Priestess, and their support for animal welfare organizations.

My son has blue hair’ is definitely a great way to show the author’s ‘opendmindenss and readiness to embrace differences’.

un/interesting ideas

Interesting news ‘submitted’ by Bastian (thank you!): ‘Tattoo gays, clergyman writes.’ The German online newspapers posted short articles about it as well and here are also articles discussing the ‘idea’ from various perspectives. Welcome back, Middle Ages?

In other news, a German article discussing body piercing regulations.

A voice in discussion about the planned gang tattoo ban in New Zealand: ‘why ban gang patches’. Kudos to the guy pointing out a huge difference between gang tattoos and ta moko.

An interesting exhibition in Australia: ‘ tattoos and piercings: a human canvas’.

Finally, ‘prosthetic tattoos’. It’s not a very new idea (if my memory serves me correctly, a model, Amina Munster, got them done quite long ago) but it’s interesting nevertheless.

ink shades of popularity

A short series of articles about people who are quite famous thanks to their tattoos and interests: “Stalking Cat”, Kat Von D and Tim Steiner (Delvoye’s tattoos).

German articles like not only to present ‘new trends’ but also warn against them; after eyeball tattooing, time for ‘vampire fangs’.

News from Sweden: local tattoo artists propose outlawing tattoos for anyone under 18.

In dress code department ‘news’ from Utah: ‘many employers prohibit visible tattoos, body piercings on the job.

Two interesting ones: ‘text tattoos gaining popularity’ and ‘communication is on our bodies…’.

A humorous (and not that bad, really) ‘gem’: ‘A rebel kid dares to be different – doesn’t get a tattoo‘ and another one about how ‘body art can make skin crawl.

miscellanous contexts of tattooing

Changes over time: ‘tattoo art goes from wall to Web’ and ‘Inked Generation

Religion and its mortifying history of self-inflicting pain’ mentions, obviously, body modification. In case we need a history lesson, too, here’s ‘Clear as ink: brief history of the tattoo

There’s a lifestyle behind a stereotype: bikes and tattoos go hand in hand.

Marked women’ want to fight against stereotypes.

Law: ‘American Fork indecency case’ and ‘body modification as a right’.

Mentioned previously and now ready to open: the body carnival exhibition.

trends and feelings

It’s been a while without articles in Dutch, so here are two: ‘fake sleeves’ and generally about tattoos with Henk Schiffmacher’s opinion thrown in. vs.

Mother, daughter and tattoos in-between.

Requiem for Scofield’s tattoos? Personally, I do not care how long it takes to put on and off all this stuff – Prison Break is no Prison Break without tattoos, right?

Old and yet sound and still valid advice: do research before choosing (tattoo artist); esp. now when, as it seems, ‘more youths express grief through body art’ (this one’s interesting, at least to consider how true it actually might be).