lots to show, nothing to hide!

ROM tattoo exhibit

A Toronto-based ROM launches a very interesting exhibit on April 2. The exhibit is based on the famous French tattoo exhibition and the museum’s own resources. Yet another reason why it’s time to officially recognize tattoos as an art form? 😉

hand tattoo pics

An upcoming book on hand tattoos is called “Nothing to Hide” (or “Nichts zu Verbergen”). The photographer behind the book has, judging by his name, some Polish roots!

it ain’t that easy!

An interesting article about a tattoo shop in Boston focuses not only on an upcoming art exhibition but also discusses a little what it really is like to be a tattoo artist. The shop in question you’ll find here!


And it ain’t that easy for sure. Just take a look at art pieces by Paul Booth, one of the great ones. You may like his style or not but you can’t deny he’s talented!

And it ain’t that easy for the tattooed, either. Here Japan again and – this time around – an official request to accept tattooed foreigneres in Japanese onsen.


Eyes of the Iban!

Interesting news from Australia where eyeball tattooing has just been legalised. Is it good or bad? There is not an easy answer as legalising can open the door to those who are not experienced enough to conduct this procedure.


And yet the tattooed eyeballs look quite stunning and they really seem to be taken straight out from a sci-fi world!

In PA, US more extreme body modifications (tongue splitting, branding, scarification, body suspension) are planned to be banned. Obviously, it’s ok for us to ruin our bodies with booze and smokes but it’s a no-no to modify our bodies according to our wishes. And it’s all in the name of protecting us from ourselves! Grand! 😉


Finally, something to cherish and celebrate: the Perseverance tattoo exhibit has been touring the US for somw time now and currently it’s in FL.

ideals of beauty … women only?

When it comes to so-called beauty, it seems to be about women only. Sure that men have their own issues to tackle but their concerns and beauty standards don’t get that much publicity and media coverage!


Here we have Orlan, a great artist who challenges and discusses beauty standards! There will be an exhibit of her work soon!

A slide show focused on tattooed women who allegedly challenge the conventions! which is a lil debatable!

cosmetic tattooing

Here another way to both challenge and conform to conventions: eyebrow tattooing as in cosmetic tattooing.


Furiosa, a strong female figure who inspires tattoos!


For sth a lil different: a musem exhibit focused on tattoo history coming soon in London!


literary tattoos.png

It’s a sort of paradox how ppl with no tattoos so often write about them! but let’s focus on the content, not on the author. I love literary tattoos, so it was interesting to go through this text and pics!

highbrow ink.png

Highbrow ink and the tattooers’ thoughts on it!

tattoo donation

Kind of creepy (ever since my rib skin removal the word “flay” has a very painful effect on me! :D) but also interesting. One must admire the guy‘s determinationa nd resolution!

memorial tattoos and more

An interesting photo project/exhibit focused on memorial tattoos is going to make rounds in Canada.

Equally interesting is the project called Love Letter to the World!

Charleston tattoo scene

Tattoo scene in Charleston, SC – interesting to read how it’s been faring so far.


A German alternative model here.

act of kindness

Finally, a heart-warming story of a tattoo artist eager to help a kid suffering from a rare disease.


high brow!

Only three today but interesting ones.

Pigment Library Project

From Ireland, a photo exhbition called ‘Pigment.’


From South Africa an interesting list of trivia focused on ‘famous firsts for women,’ tattoos included (Maud Wagner mentioned).

Winston-Salem tattoo museum

From the US, an article about the Tattoo Archive in Winston-Salem, NC. Always good when someone passionate tries to save the past for the future!

subject/ object – Welkulturen Museum

weltkuturen museum

Today I planned only a visit to the local Dom (cathedral) which silhuete I can see every day during my runs along the Main river but since I’m feeling some slight time pressure, I also decided to go to the Weltkulturen Museum (conveniently located on the Museumsufer, a long street full of many different museums by the river).

The current exhbition is ‘Foreign Exchange (or the stories you wouldn’t tell a stranger)‘ focused on the history of collecting artifacts for the museums and everything related to it (colonialism, white ethnocenrtism, racism, ‘saving’ and exploiting traditional cultures, ways to perceive the museum collections and how they were/ are created/ stored/ presented).

Right after buying my ticket I was informed that I wasn’t allowed to take any pics, so even though I had my phone all out and ready, I don’t have even one picture of the exhibition. It’s a shame in a way but on the other hand, when we take pictures something gets lost – we focus so much on photographing our adventures that we don’t have enough of our time and attention to really experience here and now!

The exhibit isn’t big, just a few rooms but it contains many interesting artifacts and photographs. I liked the way some of the photographs were described (in German) – nouns, verbs, adjectives barked at the visitors, a stream of conscience of sort not only to inform but also move and show how objectified the ingenious people used to be and how ‘other’ they still might seem to ‘us,’ whatever ‘us’ means (although it usually means ‘white/ middle class/ relatively well off’). The photographs are in a few different sizes, from big posters to just ‘thumbnails’ showing copies of old photographs from the times when ‘white man’ was always better, wiser and stronger than anyone else. Kenyan girls selling bead necklaces by the road, passed/ stared by a group of white people in an automobile, amused and curious of the Other;  a group of black girls clad in the white man’s fashion taught by a white noun in the middle of African nowhere, a black, long gone man in some traditional clothing and a lip plate. Who were these people, what were their stories, how come that the only trace of their existence is now not even on original photographs but on scans, copies, something to be stared at?

Other visitiors stared at me, I did stare at other visitors… a fleeting encounter only to switch to different experiences, places and people. Bored guards making sure no one takes any pics and yet surrounded by them.

A very cool, intense experience. If I got to read more about the exhibit beforehand, I’d have experienced it so much better, tho! 🙂

the beauty


How to define a real beauty of human body? how it changed over centuries and across cultures? ‘The Body Beautiful in Ancient Greece‘ is an exhibition touring the world and showing us what was perfect thousands years ago and how the ideal of perfection changed and yet remained the same. More on the exhibit itself here and here.

While reading and going through the links it’s good to remember that even though the real perfection does not exist, it’s always good to strive for our own!

And seeing how I’m just watching ‘Da Vinci’s Demons,’ here’s his ‘Vitruvian Man,’ yet another attempt to create a perfect human!

vitruvian man