stretched lobes

One of these pet peeves when it comes to names and body modifications – it’s not gauging, it’s ear stretching in the lingo. The subject seldom gets a serious press coverage, so take a look at these two “gems:” the look and some info on the stretching process.

tattoos and work

Tattoos and work as perceived in Germany again!

loosing their cool or gaining it?

losing their cool

A recent text in the Telegraph claims that tattoos are passe now and the pendulum definitely swings into the tattooo removal field. True as their points may be, they are only superficial and only when we do agree that ppl get tattoos done only to fit and do what’s fashionable at the moment. Since it’s not the case for many ppl, I wouldn’t be so hasty with jumping to the above mentioned conlusion 😉

als Revolte

If you want to get a different, more interesting perspective on tattoos, take a look at the text and pictures posted on the Reuter’s website (quite rightly the section is called “wider image”) – the Hindus fighting for their diginity and respect by means of tattoos. A similar text in German is here.

ear stretching poor Q&A

Knowledge is power but knowledge should be derived from many sources – a short interview with a professor of dermatology focused on ear stretching shows a very biased and narrow point of view; why not to interview an experienced body piercer as well to get a bigger picture of the subject?

the future of the phones

From the forum in Davos come cool preditctions for the future – maybe in a few years some of our phone parts could be implanted under our skin. Seeing how I use the Samsung brand now and they like to compete against the Apple, who knows what will happen? 😉

In short, life is not black and white only; it’s not about being cool or uncool; it’s about making our own choices, deciding what is cool for us and trying to see a bigger picture in everything 🙂

new “bling”

Misleading a lil as it is (bling is more about metal, isn’t it?), good jwelery for stretched lobes is a must! Fortunately for all of us with such lobes, the modern body modification industry provides us with a really broad array of options – metals, glass, bones, acrylic (*yuck!*), wood and silicone which is my fav way to go!

I usually buy either from Wildcat which is Germany-based (in my case) or from BAF from the US. Both are very good when it comes to jewelry and service. The Wildcat silicone eyelets are pretty neat and thanks to a bigger rim they make a stretched lobe look bigger (which is quite important for those to whom size matters!). The eyelets sold by BAf are made by Kaos and they have this awfully nice, subtle look which make the lobes look natural and just pretty (a purely subjective opinion, of course).

jewelry size comparison

Recently I decided to treat myself with some new eyelets and decided to go for the BAf option. Being based in Poland is not easy at times as there are some manufactureres and shops that don’t sell and ship to this country for some reason. With BAF it never was a problem before but it turned out the other way now. After a quick e-mail exchange, however, the BAf ppl were kind enough to accomodate to my needs and a few hours after my inquiry selling and shipping to Poland became definitely possible.

Since my order was shipped at the end of December (holliday season!), I didn’t really know how long it would take to get it here. Fortunately, the waiting period wasn’t too long after all and 12 days later the order landed safely in my mail box.

my BAF stuff

BAF cares about the environment (a huge thing in my eyes!) therefore they offer a ‘conserve plastic baggies’ option and since I chose it during the buying process, I received two pairs of eyelets squished together in one tiny plastic baggy (the eyelets are made from silicone, they are very flexible and they were perfectly ok after taking them out of the baggy). BAf always gives some freebies, too – a guage card (an interesting piece of info esp. that gauge and metric sizes are not that easy to memorize, so a cheat sheet is always useful!) and a free sticker which is pretty cool on its own.

The eyelets look great – they make the lobes look natural, kind of classy and the size isn’t too obtrusive.

This is 9/16″ (14mm) transluscent blue silicone eyelet:

14mm blue

and that’s a glitter pink 9/16″ (14mm) silicone eyelet:

14mm pink


I actually like the pink ones better now but – as with all preferences and tastes – things may change in the future! 😉

Devil is in the details (or so they say), so it’s pretty sensible now and then to get ourselves sth nice, esp. when it comes to body jewelry – it’s important to buy good quality jewelry to make both us and our lobes happy! 😉