bad and good

Body modification and job market again: tattoos (and other modifications) a barrier to employment?

But, obviously, you can look at them as an artistic expression of yourself: ‘the art of body art’ which is a photograph exhibit in FL.

You can also try to earn some money using their popularity: maybe the first one in the worldtattoo hotel.’

Something in Dutch: Henk Schiffmacher organized a fund raising for Japan!

Growing popularity of tattoos (this one’s in Polish) certainly leads to perceiving tattoo artists as celebrities.

And you can also win a tattoo in a contest: a huge backpiece based on a computer game.


haunting people, generic words

Zombie Boy still hitting the headlines although this time it’s not only about his 15 minutes of fame but also about his softer, ‚human’ side which is definitely a bonus – no matter how credible his ‚mummy’ side is, at least he’s not labeled as a freak only!

Speaking of ‚atypical’ tattoos, Bastian sent me an interesting follow-up of the ‚mini’ penis tattoo – looks like certain German authorities are going to look closer into the case and fine the radio people.

Tattoos in a few different context: an interesting and meaningful one about tattoos of Tibetan refugees, a typical article on tattoos and teenagers (although some points of it are still valid!), tattoos in Toronto and eco-friendly tattoos?

History of the tattooing should be cherished and preserved, so here’s an article about Tattoo Archive based in NC, with some pics of the place (and here’s a link to the Tattoo Archive’s website!).

Finally, a nice gem for my Dutch-loving ear: a video about microdermals.

new news!

What’s new?

Almost 2 weeks ago Bastian sent me a story about a dress code in one of the Swiss banks. It definitely caused some uproar on the web.

Speaking of dress codes, here’s another one discussing the new dress code for the Polish policemen and also an article from South Africa about ‘suggestions’ for the policemen over there.

Also, an interesting one from the Emirates where ‘Abu Dhabi fatwa declares tattoos haram’ (more on ‘fatwa’ and ‘haram’). About tattoos looked down upon also in an upcoming documentary about the tattooed, ‘Color Me Equal.’

I’m not a vegan but I know there are people out there who care about it, so here are interesting articles about vegan ink: ‘the art of vegan tattooing’ and an interview with a vegan tattoo artist. Also, in a similar vein, an article about Wim Delvoye from a vegetarian perspective!

Tattoo artists: the authors of trash polka style (their website), profiles of a few influential tattoo artists today and sad news about Adrienne Roy, a comic and tattoo artist who died recently. And an interesting article about a German ethnologist Karl von den Steinen.

Since I’ve just watched the ‘Black Swan’ movie and saw what a demanding form of body modification ballet can be, here’s an article about ‘ballerina’s ‘fat’ body being an art form’ and a pretty interesting article from South Africa about different kinds of beauty and their future.

Tattoo popularity’s still growing: tattoos as Christmas gifts (sadly or not, I didn’t get any!), a new tattoo show called ‘Best Ink’ and car tattoos brought to us by Ford.

In less serious news, ‘the 20 bands that inspire tattoos like no other’ and a Belgian piece of news on ‘ear cuffs.’

Health, people and what a police(wo)man shouldn’t have on them

The weather hasn’t been all balmy and nice in Europe recently, so no wonder that at least some online newspapers included warnings about it in their daily contents. Here interesting, short articles about body piercings and low temperatures in Dutch.

More on health: a doctor’s take on body piercings, allergies commonly caused by body piercings, tattoos and … cell phones, tongue piercing-related health and social risks, medical alert tattoos again and a Polish one about organ donors and their tattoos.

People somehow related to tattoos: Tattoo Betty (her myspace page), a guy who wants to get 100.000 tattoos tattooed on him for charity and a journalist turned tattooist from Malaysia.

Tattoo industry: Berlin tattoo convention, how to get a career in tattooing (from India, so it’s very specific) and an interesting one about tattoo designs called SIG (sexy ink girls).

Two points of view on getting tattooed: ‘Skin Graffiti’ picturing tattoos as a big no-no (and a pic of a gangsta to make the point even clearer) and a pretty cool one answering the question ‘why I got more ink?

Miscellaneous: tattoo graphics on computer cases and a Polish one about a new police dress code that forbids visible tattoos and other bodily decorations.

highs and lows

 I like to think that in one regard I’m just like William of Baskerville – I also think fondly of my countrymen and like to point out how wonderfully weird and crazy they are. Here, on the left, an example of their craziness and resourcefulness for how to popularize music of Chopin (another important anniversary in Polish culture, by the way!). People’s opinions are mixed.

And since I got so highbrowed, let me hover on here a little bit longer to present two links to an interesting tattooing project that will take place in one of Dutch museums this summer (Dutch, German). Another museum project, this time in the UK, involves the ‘Skin’ exhibition and live tattooing soon.

Still the UK but this time let’s hit the bottom: ‘Quarter of tattooed Brits admit they regret their body’ and another one in this same vein telling us that ‘tattoos on women are a turn-off.’

If you really care, there’s hope as tattoo removal industry gets bigger and bigger, along the tattoo industry itself, and – more and more often – it’s tattoo shops that step in to profit from people’s regrets (or new projects). Steph is going to love me for this one as it quotes her ‘favorite’ shop staff again! 😛

From AZ quite interesting article with a thought-provoking title: ‘Tattoos’ popularity spurs new shops, new debates.’

Two good ones from Japan on the same subject: ‘keep your Yakuza-style tattoos to yourself’ (more) about a famous local voice actor arrested for showing his nude tattoo photos online.

memories and hopes for the future

I haven’t come across any English article about Herbert Hoffmann’s death yet (obvious reasons maybe), so here another one in German; it’s quite interesting to read, though, as it provides not only references to ‘Flammend Herz’ documentary but also provides a hort biography of Hoffmann.

Another European ‘old school’ tattooer, Henk Schiffmacher, is doing quite well and here you have two short articles from the Netherlands on Schiffmacher ‘tattooing’ Sony Vaio laptops!

(in)direct references to two books, ‘Tattoo Machine’ by Jeff Johnson and ‘The Tattooed Lady’ by Amelia Klem Osterud, in ‘body art goes mainstream in Portland area’ and ‘tattooed author make sher mark.’

Not easy a topic described in this article from USA, ‘tattooed revolutionaries change face of art form’ where the Louisville Tattoo School and its six-weeks training courses are described. Up to a prospective tattooee to decide if six weeks of training is enough to be a good tattoo artist.

A piece of news about a changing attitude toward tattoos from Poland: ‘tattoo doesn’t mean ‘jail’ anymore’ points out that there are more and more tattooed Poles and their tattoo taste gets more and more sophisticated!

Finally, a slide show of tattoos based on internet memes.

‘keep Hell beautiful; get tattooed’?

With Easter right behind the corner, here we have two articles somewhat related to body modification and very related to religion: ‘Church gives ‘tattoo’ during Easter’ and ‘Church welcomes all to embrace ‘piercing.’ It’s actually interesting on its own although the quotation marks were *not* lost on me!

At home in Micronesia’ is about history and tattoo as promotional tools; funny and quite interesting to read, especially in lack of anything else – holiday time means not that many articles posted.

Another dress code case this time from CT where the local marshals will have to cover their tattoos very soon.

Designs on myself’ is from India and discusses how more and more middle-aged and older people get tattoos done.

Finally something in Dutch and about a man with passion for games: ‘red dead redemption tattoo game;’ here’s a little info on the game itself.

endless limitations and possibilities

A quick and short update tonight:

Internationally: some insight into the Korean tattoo scene and a piece of news from Belgium about the legal situation of body modification in this country.

Californian conversations with Jill Sarrat’ is a pretty unpretentious interview with one of the local (female) tattoo artists.

Piercing lawsuit’ is from Panama and briefly discusses possible risks of getting pierced in an unknown place and neglecting aftercare tips.

World’s broadest and safest tattoo ink palette’ can make our heads spin!

This one is pretty good: ‘illustrated real estate agent gives tattoo certificates.’

interesting news in obscure languages

For most Canadians it’s probably mainly about the Winter Olympic Games now but in Calgary there’s a serious action going against unlicensed, home-based ‘tattoo businesses.’ It seems to be supported by local licensed tattoo artists. It’s not only a Canadian problem, though, as shown in this article from IN, USA.

Dress code issue in Denmark – ‘no biker tattoos for prison guards.’

Interesting interviews with tattoos artists: the famous Kat Von D and a local Polish tattoo artist, worth checking out, though.

Tattoos may be still associated with bikers and criminals but they also get featured in museums, not only in the form of exhibits: ‘Maori mask making workshop at Swansea Museum.’

Self-injury is a controversial subject; here a very brief article about self-injury as seen by American Psychiatric Association in its Diagnostic and Statistic Manual.

Ever met a modified person who didn’t have a problem with showing off their modifications? It’s pretty common, I think, but – as these two short texts in Dutch show – it might also be dangerous, especially if you have no problems with showing off your genital mods in public places.

Making the most temporary tattoos’ in AZ.

I’m aware that Polish is not that widely known and used a language but since I’m (surprise surprise) fluent in it and this one is kind of funny in this ‘amazingly twisted’ way, check out an article about a heavily modified Pole whose modifications don’t really make me floored but the way they are described makes me laugh pretty hard.

interesting and bizarre

A very brief one today but with a few interesting links:

Big thanks to Bastian for sending me this one about tattoos in Thailand; it’s in German but worth checking out!

Another cool hint is also from Bastian – an Australian sword-swallower (video and short text about him).

And here’s a piece of news from the Netherlands claiming that the latest body modification trend is ‘clear lens facial piercing.’