tattoos = ……..

Stereotyping people with tattoos takes different forms in different cultures as we know it. This subject’s resurfacing in the media again. Here we have Horiyoshi taking his stand on the subject, an American girl denied a job because of her tattoos, a Polish article advising to cover tattoos at work (and with some “interesting” comments to boot) and not that strong article arguing “why tattoos shouldn’t be stigmatized.’

We’ve already seen “Miami/ whatever Ink,’ ‘Tattoo School’ and ‘Ink Master.’ If you think there’s nothing else about tattoos to exploit, you are mistaken. Now it’s time for ‘America’s Worst Tattoos’ and they’ll appear on TV very soon. Here also a brief Q&A with Megan Massacre .

An interesting ‘Tattoo Witness Project’ in Arkansas.

And since the Euro 2012 is still going strong, here some information on football players and their tattoos.

mom tattoos, iDermals and more

Mother’s Day means mom tattoos and, sure enough, there’s some coverage on that: tattoos for mother’s day and a new book by Henk Schiffmacher focused on – that’s right – mom tattoos (it’s a beginning of the series, though, so hopefully there will be other motifs covered as well!).

Politicians doing well in the news, too, and thanks to the Huffington Post we can learn about some American politicians and their body art.

Sad news about M. Sendak, so here’s some tribute paid to him and his famous book.

Tattoo conventions: Baltimore and upcoming NYC one.

An interesting article from Australia discussing a proposal of tattoo service in the Australian prisons and obstacles on its way to be approved.

For those interested: how to become a tattoo artist (in German) and an interview with a guy who made it.

This one hit the news in a really spectacular way and you can read about the idea of iDermal here and here and here and here and here and here !

Miscellaneous: Tom Cruise looking weird (and tattooed) in his new movie, tattoos for dogs (and from Bastian some information on a German campaign against animal branding), tattoos of the dead (it’s pretty interesting, actually!) and Ami James talking tattoos and turbulence.

tattoos and languages

A nice treat for all of us loving text tattoos: Litreactor combines love for literature and tattoos (this short article in Dutch brought my attention to it).

Body art broadly speaking: body in Arab art featured in France and an exhbit devoted to Maori culture in Germany (the museum’s website).

It goes without saying that languages are great, even if you don’t speak them fluently. The Chinese seem to be fascinated with tattoos in English now and how many of us Westerners have sinned with a Chinese character tattooed on us?

From Australia a short article about the tattooed feeling discriminated and trying to fight a negative image stuck to them. From the USA a somewhat cheesy but also nice story about people being people no matter what they look!

A small follow-up of Game of Thrones tattoos.

A nice way to show that the modified can and actually do something good for their communities: a fundraiser for an autism charity at a local shop.

dragon and other tattoos

A nice submission from Bastian (thank you!): a short video covering a tattoo convention in Germany; not very new but still interesting.

More visual coverage on tattoos in articles discussingInk Master.’

Both in English and Dutch: Amsterdam Tattoo Museum.

I’m re-watching the Swedish version of the Millennium trilogy and anxiously awaiting a chance to watch the American production, so here articles on Lisbeth Salander (in Polish, though!).

Speaking of films, here’s a slide show on tattoos in films.

The body as art’ discusses mostly ear stretching which is good on its own (not that frequent a topic) but also throws in a few words on spirituality that some people associate with body modification.

Some spirituality also in this article describing Christian body art.

Finally, a touch of outrage in a silly slide show.

another short news coverage

A little bit more on the tattooed private parts of our distant forefathers in Dutch.

Tattooed and (pierced) celebrities of sort: Lucky Diamond Rich soon in New Zealand, Zombie Boy in German and Polish articles and a really awful commentary on Rolf – really, if you don’t have anything nice to say, why to say anything?

From Canada, ‘a day in the life of a tattoo artist;’ don’t expect too many details, though.

In the States District Columbia is going to regulate the tattoo/ body piercing industry.

Lips tattoos and other beauty trends’ from TX – but nothing real.

Finally, with Christmas madness fast approaching (I’ve spotted some Xmas-themed commercials on TV already and it’s still November!!!) another nice example of ‘modified charity’: ‘trading toys for body ink and piercings’ in the US.

a bit from the East, a tad from the West

China in the news: calling for more regulations for tattoo shops and a surprising piece of news from the Chinese army that’s supposedly open for the tattooed and overweight now. Also fromAsia, a short interesting article on tattoos in Korea (the south one probably).

A good time for Henk Schiffmacher who’s just opened the biggest tattoo museum in the world. Another link to a review of the DVD ‘Ed Hardy: Tattoo the World.’ In other related news, Kat Von D is launching her clothing line.

A book review represented by ‘Science Ink’ book; coincidentally, Bastian just sent me this link: body modification on academics.

Other interesting ones: ‘a fashion stretch’ on ear lobe stretching (warning” don’t read if you’re allergic to ‘gauges’!) and tattoo inks and health concerns.

stereotypes and fun

A French tattoo artist started ‘cyber-squatting’ a website who could be of a good use to Nicolas Sarkozy in order to draw some attention to the tattoo industry. Somewhere else tattooed women decided to focus on charity to fight stereotypes associated with the tattooed and the industry members themselves are doing exactly the same thing in other ways at their ‘Meeting of the Marked.’

Against the stereotypes is also Rolf, the most pierced man in the world.

A touch of humor with these two: Kardashian ‘tattoos’ and … toilet ‘tattoos.’

a few good links

A fellow IAM-er in a Dutch article about new Guinness world records – Rolf is the most pierced man now. In a similar vein, ‘Vampire Woman’ visited Ripley’s.

Quite interesting religious questions: ‘the Jewish perception of tattoos: fair prejudice?’ and ‘admiring Islam … with a tattoo?

This one had potential – ‘the changing view of tattoos: how ink affects image in 2011’ – but wasn’t explored extensively enough. It still remains an interesting question, though.

An interview with a Polish tattoo artist isn’t mind-blowing but it’s in Polish, so it just must be here! 😉

Finally some celeb glitter: Lady Gaga before she became famous tattooed by Kat Von D at the beginning of her media career.

here we go again

It’s been a while since I posted and I really missed it. Always good to know what’s going on out there…

I’m right after reading this Bizarre’s Body Art book I mentioned previously (a review soon), so let’s start with a link Bastian provided me with: a slide shows of crazy piercings.

An interesting adventure that Bastian will sure find interesting: a hot-air balloon suspension done for an upcoming documentary.

Speaking of documentaries, some info and a trailer for ‘Color Outside the Lines’ documentary about tattoos.

Ami James still alive and kicking: episodes of his new TV show are recapped/ reviewed and he also gets interviewed, discussing everything and nothing as it seems.

Interesting news from WA where microdermal piercing technique is going to be scrutinized by the state authorities.

Joplin, MO– victims of the tornado are getting ‘surivor tattoos.’

And finally an interesting piece of news books-wise: an upcoming book focused on ‘science tattoos.’

bizarre trends?

An article about corset piercings in an UK online newspaper caused quite an uproar online and here is a reply to it in the Huffington Post and a Dutch version of the said article without any critical approach to it.

We’ve seen it coming and here it is: 12 celebrity tattoo artists with some great work to show off and justify and their high status.

It’s the Mother’s Day time in the US, so – of course – some articles on the subject were bound to appear: ‘inked for Mom – a brief history of the ‘I love Mom’ tattoos’ and people’s tribute tattoos from Detroit, MI.

An interesting article about tribal marks and rising popularity of tattoos inNigeria.

Miscellaneous: Horiyoshi gets into clothing lines? A really interesting concept for a tattoo (3D augmented reality card) and colonic tattoos used in medicine.