nurses' tattoos

After the recent case of a patient traumatised by a nurse’s tattoo, here a different perspective on tattoos on health care workers.

skin cancer detection

A cool idea inspired by Brazilians – tattoo artists and skin cancer detection.

Tattoo traditions in India!

brett rogers

And another TV show focused on tattoos but the cool thing about is what the host of the show has to say: “Tattooed people across the world are generally extremely nice. Through the show, I want to show the kindness and sensitivity of tattooed people of South Africa .”


bodies talk!

tattoos on Torontonians

The upcoming tattoo exhibit at the museum in Toronto presents a great opportunity for ordinary ppl to present their own tattoos and show what a great and meaningful form of art tattooing is. Torontonians’ tattoo stories are interesting no matter how big or tiny their tattoos are!

Army and tattoos seem to have a love/ hate relationship going for quite some time. Here a piece of news about a new tattoo policy in the US. Navy!

where are the limits?

German documentary

A German TV channel is airing a documentary about body modifications. Interesting as it may be, it’s the approach chosen by the doc makers that really matters!


And seriously, is it really that important if a cop has tattoos or not? Some of the corrupted, bad cops didn’t have even one tiny tattoo, let alone major and more extreme body modifications. The way our skin looks shouldn’t have any impact on how we do our jobs!

and things keep getting … weirder? ;)

naked dating show

just when we thought that the TV reached their most absurd level, here it comes: a new dating show with contestants showing all they have to offer right at the beginning. Inetresting on its own, it’ll be a bit more controversial thanks to at least one of the contestants/ daters: the most tattooed man in the UK.

No wonder most “normal” ppl think tattoos are crazy? 😛 when in the process of being hired, remain in clothes as apparently hiring managers don’t like the ink!

The cool news? tattoos were around way before the era of hiring managers and, I’d bet, they stay around way past all the managers on this planet. And even tho hand-tapping method of tattooing is *not* such a novelty, it’s good the traditional cultures are being kept alive.

coolsten Star Wars

Finally, a little more of Star Wars – it’s never enough of some tattooed Force 😉

a beginning …

tattoo trend

This German slide-show tries to predict a new tattoo trend for 2016 and some of the tattoos shown are both pretty nice and interesting (one doesn’t necessarily mean the other, mind you!). Personally, it’s the words that speak to me, not the pictures, so “carpe diem quod tempus fugit” seemed the best – nothing beats Latin, the mother of our modern tongues 😉

pro image

“Your image does matter [even if your tattoo is really tiny]” says this one and it’s true to a degree – a job is a job, your personality is another thing, so judge the/ any context properlya nd act accordingly!

Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead’s death sure had some impact on ppl who love his music and persona; for Dave Grohl it also meant a tribute tattoo. Watching this video, tho, made me think how sexist the rock’n’roll world is – can you imagine women playing and screaming and men made to dance in these ridiculous wannabe-sexy poses? 😛

Finally, a slide-show showing 5 things tattooed ppl allegedly wanting you to know! Not all of them are that pointless!

the Force

star wars tattooer

Just like a half of population on this planet (or so), I’ve also been waiting anxiously for the new installment of the Star Wars. The more about it, the better, so why not tattoos? Take a look, refresh your memory and keep on waiting!

Japan is trying to destroy tattoos” is a pretty harsh title for an article; the content is interesting and certainly to the point. the pendulum always swings, tho, so …

Tattoos and workplace(s) again – this time you can learn which industries boast the most tattooed employees.

Scarification seldom appears in the news but when it does, it always goes with “cool” adjectives. Gruesome much?

And since the end of the year is around the corner, such summaries will be unavoidable!

tattooed and tattooing

It’s a way to show emotions and moral support when needed – Paris tattoos.

political tattoos

It’s a way to make a political stand – Aung San Suu Kyi tattoos.

It’s a way to create our own identity and aesthetics and be who you really think you are – gender fluidity tattoos.

men's thoughts

It’s also a way to stop caring about what others think – what men really think about tattoos and piercings on women.

Audobon bird society tattoos

It’s a way to show what we are passionate about, even if it’s so “innocent” as birding.


It’s a way to have problems to get your dream job, unless the rules loosen somewhat.

It’s a way to find your way in life and maybe make a living from it.




Certainly interesting is this article about an ink with an unusual ingredient, i.e. human hair. We’ve already seen ppl using their dear deceased’s ashes but hair, from a living person too, is sth new.

reconstructive surgery

If you decide stretched ears are not your thing anymore, ear reconstruction might be a good option. It’s been performed not only by plastic surgeons but also by skilled body mod practitoners.

Memento remake

The movie “Memento” about to be be remade.

tattoo charity event

A great thing to do – charity event at a local tattoo shop!

good for everyone

the Lizardman

Bits and pieces today but they are all still interesting!
First of all, a nice array of brave people who decided to change their outward appearance to reflect their inward feelings. The Lizardman included!
Tattoos presented as personal preference and professional persecution (big words!) and a German one presenting tattooing as a profession.
Travelling passion reflected on skin in an article about a girl collecting her tattoos in the places she visits. A little related: tattoos in modern China.

ACHTUNG SPERRFRIST 11.08.14 um 11:00 UHR/ Tattoo Biobatteries
Battery tattoos soon may be yet another example of e-tattoos used in many different fields. This one I would love to use myself and for my mp3players (esp. the one I use for my runs).
WWF Russia and their campaign to raise awareness of endangered species with a little help from tattoo artists. Also related to tattoos and animals, a short text and a video about a certain horse and a tattoo that’s supposed to save the horse’s eye.
An article about growing popularity of tattoos among seniors for dessert. More tattooed people –  less prejudices?

still in Deutschland!

Rolf in Berlin

A familiar face looking at us from the pics attached to an article about a tattoo convention in Berlin.

Also from Germany articles on tattoos in BundeswehraGerman army where soldiers are obligated to cover their tattoos now.

Sunday is a God’s day, so an article about a Church where tattoos are not looked down.

A handful of spirituality courtesy of Bastian who sent me a link to this text on body suspension.

Tattoo Art Service globally.

Finally, something in Dutch – a Swedish artist Niki Norberg is quite talented (to put it mildly) and quite recognized and respected by now.

on a sidenote, I lost a Wi-Fi access, so I bet there are many other interesting articles out there that I didn’t come across. Here’s to hope that soon I’ll have the Wi-Fi access again – these days no phone/ net is equal to the lack of a hand or sth! 😉