Campbells' new project

Scott Campbells new project involves tradition and a cognac brand!


This German’s idea takes tattoo designs and tombstones to create something for the afterlife.

These ppl’s ideas reflect their love for pizza – and why not if they love their pizzas so much?

the future is ours!


It’s just one country but there’s no doubt that more and more ppl all around the word are into self-expression. Sure, their desire to express themselves is not only internal as the majority is probably influenced by many external factors but still – more and more ppl are tattooed and that lets us hope for the better, less discrimantory future. Here a short text from Austria where almost 25% ppl are tattooed.


And the tattoo art has been eveloping in many interesting directions and that’s very promising, too. Is there anything huge and innovative about “double exposure tattoos“? Time will tell but at least it’s an interesting idea!

there’s a lot to express!

womens tattoos

A photo project “Women with Tattoos” shows what’s behind the colorful skin and what impact sucha  choice has on women. Great and interesting as it is, I think it would be awesome if similar projects concerned also males!

cool gesture

Because men have also a lot to express, share, deal with. This father’s gesture shows clearly that male tattoos are not only about boasting manliness or drawing ppl’s attention to muscles or trying to look tough!

I like this depth behind tattoos – with tattoos we never know! đŸ˜‰

beautiful works, ugly rumors

Inkwell watch brand.png

A new watch brand is going to fight for consumers and the profits – their works look tasty, stylish and overall beautiful plus they have a cool legend to back up their plans.


This prosthetic arm on a tattoo artist from France became a sensation pretty mch overnight. It’s hard to tell how true and functional it is as of yet but the whole idea is nicely steampunk-ish!

What’s behind visible tattoos on the gang-members? Very interesting.

tattooed psychos

A German accent and annoying conclusions – it’s up to us to change such social perceptions!