food for thought

One of the rites of passage? Sure enough, even in our ultra-moern culture as this article from the Washington Post shows – not marriage but divorce can do, too.

ruby rose and tattoos

Ruby Rose and her musings on ppl with tattoos and ppl wihout them.

moderner Senior

You’re never too old and reminding us of this fact will never get old, either! This time, a brave German senior and a tattoo showing his life passions!

art, joy, risks

japanese macabre tattoos

Gakkin, a Japanese tattoo artist, is really talented and creative. His fellow countrymen seem also creative and into tattoos as this idea for temporary tattoos indicating allergic reactions.

temp tattoos

Illness doesn’t have to be about pain and sadness all the time as this guy is going to prove bringing some joy and art to the kids in a hospital in New Zealand.

tattoos and kids' joy

Finally, an American article about tattoos and risks related to them.

Go Canada!

semicolon project in Edmonton

Project Semicolon is a great initiative to raise awareness of mental health. Quite a few Edmontonians showed their support of the project with their skin, time and will!

Fort McMurray tattoos

The recent events in Fort McMurray were both scary and uplifting – many ppl from the area had to be evacuated and experienced trauma but human spirit is not that easy to break! The women of the town are speaking out!


The recent discovery of an over 3-thousand-year old mummy with tattoos in Egypt shows how old tattoos actually are and how important they are for various cultures around the world.

horinao japanese tattoo artists

Japanese artists visiting Canada amaze ppl with their skills and beuty of their tattoos. Another Japanese tattoo artist is fighting for his art in his native country!

Jobs tattoos

He’s still alive in memory and on skin – Steve Jobs and tattoos devoted to him.

Facial ink – mainly on the ppl from the industry, tho!