tattoos and tattooists


This one is certainly very interesting: according to some new research multiple tattoos can boost our immunological responses. Will we get to see the day when tattoos are prescribed by doctors? 😉

cover ups

But now we are still in the world where some ppl perceive tattoos as a form of SI (self-injury). Couldn’t be farther from the truth, of course. Moreover, tattoos can help us deal with some deep psychological issues and turn our former scars into sth more meaningful, beautiful. Hence a great initiative by an Australian tattoo artist that decided to help ppl with self-harm scars.

Prison Break and how realistic Michael Scoffield’s tattoos were. Seems more  like a promo article but still, it was a cool series!

Finally, one of the great ones, Tin Tin, trying to have tattooing recognized as a true art form. Hard to believe that such an obvious and stunning form of art is still not considered as such!


tattoos in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a city where many cultures meet but it’s also a city where a tattoo culture thrives!

The Oscars already behind us but Lady Gaga’s idea to show support for the sexual assualt victims is still talked about.

Ruby Rose

Finally, a sign of our times – self-expression and individuality is both for sale and “out” – no one really knows what works and what doesn’t. Ruby Rose’s image and persona certainly do!