Operation Tattooing Freedom

operation tattooing freedom

A wonderful idea to use tattoos for healing purposes! Operation Tattooing Freedom is a non-profit organization from NC that heps war veterans cope with combat trauma by means of psychological therapy and tattoos.

As the charity founder put it: “I realized that getting the tattoo, and having the conversation with another veteran while I’m getting it, was extremely therapeutic for me, and I realized that if it worked for me, it could work for others.

tattoos and people behind them

Tin Tin

I’ve already posted about Tin Tin and his recent fight to make tattooing recognized as a form of art. Here’s another one as it’s definitely worth some pondering.

This tattoo artist, as many others like him, proves that Tin Tin is right not only on the definition level but also on HR level – more and more tattoo artists have a very profesional, educational background and they should be called artists. Not to mention the fact that they are trying to give back to their local communities!

son of anarchy

Tattoos convey who we are. Here’s an interesting article focused on an actor discussing tattoos as a tool to build a film character.