Master ;)

Slawek Fraczek

This weekend there’s a tattoo convention in Poznan, Poland. During the event one of the best Polish tattoo artists, Slawek Fraczek, will be celebrating his 25 years in the industry.

Slawek is quite special to me as he created most of my tattoos and showed and taught me a lot about tattoos. He may be one of the pioneers of the Polish scene but to me he’s just a humble, very open-minded guy always on the lookout for new things to spot and master. He may be perceived as the “king” but I’m sure he scoffed at the very idea and the title of this article. And he’s really good at cooking 😉


it ain’t that easy!

An interesting article about a tattoo shop in Boston focuses not only on an upcoming art exhibition but also discusses a little what it really is like to be a tattoo artist. The shop in question you’ll find here!


And it ain’t that easy for sure. Just take a look at art pieces by Paul Booth, one of the great ones. You may like his style or not but you can’t deny he’s talented!

And it ain’t that easy for the tattooed, either. Here Japan again and – this time around – an official request to accept tattooed foreigneres in Japanese onsen.