lots to show, nothing to hide!

ROM tattoo exhibit

A Toronto-based ROM launches a very interesting exhibit on April 2. The exhibit is based on the famous French tattoo exhibition and the museum’s own resources. Yet another reason why it’s time to officially recognize tattoos as an art form? ๐Ÿ˜‰

hand tattoo pics

An upcoming book on hand tattoos is called “Nothing to Hide” (or “Nichts zu Verbergen”). The photographer behind the book has, judging by his name, some Polish roots!

secrets, bans and benefits

tattooist's job

The secret life of a tattooist‘ is a part of the whole series focused on many different jobs. Kind of interesting!

tattoos and therapy

Tattoos bringing relief and helping cope with loss, traumas and pain: from Canada and the US.

Japans’s problem with tattoos‘ discusses just this thing but it also mentions an upcoming book on Japanese tattoos!

black work

Quite impressive and weirdly beautiful: blackout tattoos! Make sure to check out the tattoo artist’s instagram and his FB.

some history and more


A real gem showing the history of tattooing: an article about the world’s first tattoo convention in 1976 linking to an article written 40 years ago about the said convention! Kind of priceless and amazing to look back and wonder how much things changed during these 40 years!

And it’s awesome to see how modern tattoo artists get involved and focus on helping the community – here’s a tattoo shop in Alaska and their involvment with Relay for Life!

Vegan tattoos and what’s in tattoo inks nowadays – interesting to read!

Thai tattoos

Finally,ย Thai tattoos and how ppl experience them!

Operation Tattooing Freedom

operation tattooing freedom

A wonderful idea to use tattoos for healing purposes! Operation Tattooing Freedom is a non-profit organization from NC that heps war veterans cope with combat trauma by means of psychological therapy and tattoos.

As the charity founder put it:ย โ€œI realized that getting the tattoo, and having the conversation with another veteran while Iโ€™m getting it, was extremely therapeutic for me, and I realized that if it worked for me, it could work for others.โ€

tattoos and people behind them

Tin Tin

I’ve already posted about Tin Tin and his recent fight to make tattooing recognized as a form of art. Here’s another one as it’s definitely worth some pondering.

This tattoo artist, as many others like him, proves that Tin Tin is right not only on the definition level but also on HR level – more and more tattoo artists have a very profesional, educational background and they should be called artists. Not to mention the fact that they are trying to give back to their local communities!

son of anarchy

Tattoos convey who we are. Here’s an interesting article focused on an actor discussing tattoos as a tool to build a film character.

a book and some hooks

needle work book

Given the popularity of tattoos, there are surprisingly not that many novels focused on tattoos. Here’s one published recently and focused on domestic abuse, dealing with trauma and fighting for freedom of expression and just being.

MN body suspension

There aren’t that many texts on body suspension, either, esp. these good ones. This one is quite nicely written!


it’s never only about one part of any equation! There are no tattooists without tattooee’s, just like there are no tattooee’s without tattooists.


Yet another one about Slawek; I think it’s the last one – I’m not gonna deify the guy ๐Ÿ˜‰

lenny birk

From a different part of the world someone who’s been 20 years in the industry. Sure he saw a lot!

tattoo enthusiast

Finally, a nice piece by someone who describes herself as a tattoo enthusiast – fair enough and quite enthusiastic at that.

Master ;)

Slawek Fraczek

This weekend there’s a tattoo convention in Poznan, Poland. During the event one of the best Polish tattoo artists, Slawek Fraczek, will be celebrating his 25 years in the industry.

Slawek is quite special to me as he created most of my tattoos and showed and taught me a lot about tattoos. He may be one of the pioneers of the Polish scene but to me he’s just a humble, very open-minded guy always on the lookout for new things to spot and master. He may be perceived as the “king” but I’m sure he scoffed at the very idea and the title of this article. And he’s really good at cooking ๐Ÿ˜‰


it ain’t that easy!

An interesting article about a tattoo shop in Boston focuses not only on an upcoming art exhibition but also discusses a littleย what it really is like to be a tattoo artist. The shop in question you’ll find here!


And it ain’t that easy for sure. Just take a look at art pieces by Paul Booth, one of the great ones. You may like his style or not but you can’t deny he’s talented!

And it ain’t that easy for the tattooed, either. Here Japan again and – this time around – an official request to accept tattooed foreigneres in Japanese onsen.


where are the limits?

German documentary

A German TV channel is airing a documentary about body modifications. Interesting as it may be, it’s the approach chosen by the doc makers that really matters!


And seriously, is it really that important if a cop has tattoos or not? Some of the corrupted, bad cops didn’t have even one tiny tattoo, let alone major and more extreme body modifications. The way our skin looks shouldn’t have any impact on how we do our jobs!