Eyes of the Iban!

Interesting news from Australia where eyeball tattooing has just been legalised. Is it good or bad? There is not an easy answer as legalising can open the door to those who are not experienced enough to conduct this procedure.


And yet the tattooed eyeballs look quite stunning and they really seem to be taken straight out from a sci-fi world!

In PA, US more extreme body modifications (tongue splitting, branding, scarification, body suspension) are planned to be banned. Obviously, it’s ok for us to ruin our bodies with booze and smokes but it’s a no-no to modify our bodies according to our wishes. And it’s all in the name of protecting us from ourselves! Grand! 😉


Finally, something to cherish and celebrate: the Perseverance tattoo exhibit has been touring the US for somw time now and currently it’s in FL.