against the odds!

Maori tattoo

Ta Moko, traditonal Maori tattoo, is fascinating and inspiring, so much that modern ppl appropriate it for their own use. A collection of old photographs show the ppl and their tattoos, shedding some light on the world long gone!


A touching story of a young man suffering from Parkinson’s disease and yet still able to cherish life, also by means of tattoos.

tattooed grandma

And a great way to face the passing time and cherishing family and life in general – a tattooed grandma. Cuz tattoos know no age! 😉

be brave, be tattooed!

Being tattooed takes courage and there is no doubt about it. On the purely superficial level it might be a fashion statement but then you have to face social prejudice, other ppl’s opinions, sometimes serious consequences and discrimination. It’s all worth it, tho, b/c being tattooed, esp. heavily tattooed, lets you become the real you.

Japan and tattoos

Japan and its dislike of tattoos! They have their reasons and when discussing it, we shouldn’t forget the social and cultural background! But maybe it’s about the time to realzie that tattoos not always equal crimes!

academic tattoos

Academic world and tattoos – why the hell not?

Something to look forward? Some of the quotes are def. interesting!


Eyes of the Iban!

Interesting news from Australia where eyeball tattooing has just been legalised. Is it good or bad? There is not an easy answer as legalising can open the door to those who are not experienced enough to conduct this procedure.


And yet the tattooed eyeballs look quite stunning and they really seem to be taken straight out from a sci-fi world!

In PA, US more extreme body modifications (tongue splitting, branding, scarification, body suspension) are planned to be banned. Obviously, it’s ok for us to ruin our bodies with booze and smokes but it’s a no-no to modify our bodies according to our wishes. And it’s all in the name of protecting us from ourselves! Grand! 😉


Finally, something to cherish and celebrate: the Perseverance tattoo exhibit has been touring the US for somw time now and currently it’s in FL.

transformative in many regards

transformative tattoos

An article about transofrmative power of tattoos doesn’t seem to say anything new but since such a power of tattoos if quite often overlooked by their adversaries, let’s give it a chance. tere are great stories behind many tattoos and we shouldn’t forget that!

Instagram and its transformative power when it comes to the tattooo industry – quite interesting!

Silo's tattoos

A South Korean tattoo artist and his talent – impressive!

ready, steady …


Interesting things have been happening in Cuba and it’s fascinating to watch how politics affects so many aspects of daily life, tattoos included. For many ppl there sth has been changing and a new light appears. Finally able to breathe, move and express themselves? The Washington Post is only one of the many newspapers that are covering the tattoos in Cuba now.

Polish sprinter

And sth from Poland – kind of silly and cute at the same time and showing how the joy of movement can be one with the joy of self-expression even if – at first – it doesn’t seem to have a deeper meaning. After all, you never know what’s behind a tattoo! 😉

homo sapiens politicus … et pictus est!

Trump tattoos

The US presidential election is in the near future, so no wonder ppl get excited and eager to share their opinions and support for the candidates, also by means of tattoos. Here you have links to tattoos of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Not that much interest in Hillary Clinton but at least she got one biggish leg tattoo!

Tattoos seem a perfect way to express your political views and if you change them, you can always go for a cover-up. In the US Obama tattoos were quite popular while in other countries ppl got Mandela tattoos or Ataturk signature tattoos to express their support for modernization of their countries and equal rights.

In Poland tattoos of politicians aren’t that popular but let me re-post this text about patriotic tattoos – we always go big and since our own politicians don’t impress, we choose to recall our glorious past! 😉



Mums and tattoos

tattooed mums

A bit repetitive and yet quite positive things you can find in these lists of things tattooed Mums either come across or are strong enough to show to and teach their kids.

Mums and tattoos

Funnily enough, the Washington Post ran an interesting post in their advice column focused on Mum vs tattooed Daughter thing.

A Polish slide-show about tattoos and women. I actually don’t know whether I should laugh, cry or just shrug this thing off 😀