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in the mind of the beholder

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You can say a lot about tattoos, just like about pretty much everything else. All you have to have is an open mind and some knowledge on the subject. The author of this lil editorial/ commentary/ whatever doesn’t have either!

Tattoos can and actually do reflect change in times and it’s obvious on so many levels, not only ones dicussed in this article.

semicolon tattoos again

By means of tattoos we can start recovering from major traumas in our lives – tattoos don’t solve our problems but they can help come to terms with things the way they are and that’s a good starting point.

Inuit tattoos

Tattoos have an immense cultural value and they are an important sign of identity for many peoples around the world. The fear of cultural apropriation is definitely justifiable, tho, so no wonder the author of this documentary feels “some” apprehension when it comes to make it wider accessible.

Finally, tattoos are *not* an expression of trendiness, they are not so most of the time at least. These minimalist tattoos show in how many creative and clever ways you can show your love of reading (and many other things)!

So … a mark of trendiness? Hardly! We perceive the world the way we think! 😛

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