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tattoo trend

This German slide-show tries to predict a new tattoo trend for 2016 and some of the tattoos shown are both pretty nice and interesting (one doesn’t necessarily mean the other, mind you!). Personally, it’s the words that speak to me, not the pictures, so “carpe diem quod tempus fugit” seemed the best – nothing beats Latin, the mother of our modern tongues 😉

pro image

“Your image does matter [even if your tattoo is really tiny]” says this one and it’s true to a degree – a job is a job, your personality is another thing, so judge the/ any context properlya nd act accordingly!

Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead’s death sure had some impact on ppl who love his music and persona; for Dave Grohl it also meant a tribute tattoo. Watching this video, tho, made me think how sexist the rock’n’roll world is – can you imagine women playing and screaming and men made to dance in these ridiculous wannabe-sexy poses? 😛

Finally, a slide-show showing 5 things tattooed ppl allegedly wanting you to know! Not all of them are that pointless!