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first and last (and always ;)

passed away

As the year nears to its end, we all come to think of things we did and what we hope to do next year; new year, an end and a new beginning … symbolism perfect for a tattoo šŸ˜‰ For some of us it’s the end – the most tattooed French woman passed away a few days ago (ridiculous as it is to describe ppl as the most tattooed in their countries, think about her life stroy, all the stories behind her tattoos and the courage to live and look the way you want which isn’t that easy even now!).

kein launiger Trend

2015 was supposedly very much about hatred and this article is set to prove it; true or not, it’s a fact that tattoos are still considered ugly and a sign for one’s moral corruption, so let’s be more open-minded in 2016! and let’s not forget that body modification is here to stay, also because it lets us celebrate our life.

Arab ink Project (2)

The same goes for Islam and the great culture and history behind. Arab Ink project again as it’s never enough to remind ourselves that a bunch of fanatics shouldn’t make us think the way they do!

Dublin tattoo convention

It’s the ppl and their stories that are always the most fascinating, so take a look at these cool portraits from this year’s Dublin Tattoo Convention. I chose this dude for “my” poster guy not because of him flipping a bird but rather because he seems to be positive and full of life!

As one of my own tattoos says, ‘everything begins/ everything ends’ and that’s the coolest thing, huh? šŸ˜‰ let’s wait and see what’s the new year will bring!


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  1. Wasp ⋅

    very interesting post! mhm, your tattoo sounds great šŸ˜‰

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