first and last (and always ;)

passed away

As the year nears to its end, we all come to think of things we did and what we hope to do next year; new year, an end and a new beginning … symbolism perfect for a tattoo 😉 For some of us it’s the end – the most tattooed French woman passed away a few days ago (ridiculous as it is to describe ppl as the most tattooed in their countries, think about her life stroy, all the stories behind her tattoos and the courage to live and look the way you want which isn’t that easy even now!).

kein launiger Trend

2015 was supposedly very much about hatred and this article is set to prove it; true or not, it’s a fact that tattoos are still considered ugly and a sign for one’s moral corruption, so let’s be more open-minded in 2016! and let’s not forget that body modification is here to stay, also because it lets us celebrate our life.

Arab ink Project (2)

The same goes for Islam and the great culture and history behind. Arab Ink project again as it’s never enough to remind ourselves that a bunch of fanatics shouldn’t make us think the way they do!

Dublin tattoo convention

It’s the ppl and their stories that are always the most fascinating, so take a look at these cool portraits from this year’s Dublin Tattoo Convention. I chose this dude for “my” poster guy not because of him flipping a bird but rather because he seems to be positive and full of life!

As one of my own tattoos says, ‘everything begins/ everything ends’ and that’s the coolest thing, huh? 😉 let’s wait and see what’s the new year will bring!


merry …

Xmas act of kindness

it’s always good to do something good and the modified ppl know it well – another charity drive focused on toys for tatts happened!

russ foxx

This event was also focused on helping out (the homeless) but it’s apparent weirdness overshadowed the good cause, either on purpose or not. You can do good in many ways and you can hurt yourself or others in many ways as well, so why to hate the idea and those involved? It was the second attemot at the world record on Russ Foxx and Mathew Mentzyk’s part and the previous one you can see below:

As you can see, it’s not easy and it recquires a sane mind, tough endurance and lots of precautions!

marine corps tattoo policy

Marine Corps and their tattoo policy – a complex issue!

Geek tattoos – for all of us who love the other world and our own, too.

more than meets our eyes

lady of guadelupe

Some ppl accuse tattooing and the tattooed of the worst/ strangest things possible and yet religious tattoos are quite common.

This poll from NJ shows that body modification has been losing its edge and is considered quite ordinary these days.

8 things

8 things ppl with tattoos want you to know” – like really? but some of the thougths are interesting.

transgender love

Finally, a great gesture for a son who’s on the way to become who he really feels and thinks he is – touching!

the driving force

We all should have sth that trully matters to us, sth that makes us better ppl and lets us express ourselves. When you modify your body, you know that you can modify (or change) other things as well and then you really can become a change you want to see in the world (even if Ghandi didn’t really mean it this way 😉

human rights

The Human Rights Tattoo Project reminds us of sth that should be a given and which is not even in the Western world. Ppl in other parts of the world still fight for their own rights and very often a right to decide what to do with your own body is just a beginning!

tattoo stories

without my tattoos I wouldn’t be myself” – radical? maybe but we all have our own feelings, perspectives and a right to have them!

Tattoos express who we are and how we feel about ourselves, the world around, ppl and ideas. This article tries to show us that tattoos also reflect changes in times and perspectives and maybe it’s not as far fetched as it might seem to be at first.

‘be a change you want to see …? again? Hell yes and these ordinary tattooed ppl from WI prove it with their charity drive – small steps, good deeds and the color of your skin may not matter one day!


And a Polish one – why it must be always the semi-naked women on the calendar pages? Let the men show what they have, too 😉

the Force

star wars tattooer

Just like a half of population on this planet (or so), I’ve also been waiting anxiously for the new installment of the Star Wars. The more about it, the better, so why not tattoos? Take a look, refresh your memory and keep on waiting!

Japan is trying to destroy tattoos” is a pretty harsh title for an article; the content is interesting and certainly to the point. the pendulum always swings, tho, so …

Tattoos and workplace(s) again – this time you can learn which industries boast the most tattooed employees.

Scarification seldom appears in the news but when it does, it always goes with “cool” adjectives. Gruesome much?

And since the end of the year is around the corner, such summaries will be unavoidable!


coolest science tattoos‘ show how beautiful the universe is and how human skin can at least reflect this beauty.

The tattoo-related lists can be annoying at times but this one about hidden tattoos is actually interesting.


Lyle Tuttle suggests not to get any tattoos to stay unique (or at least so it sounds as the words can always be taken out of bigger context ;))

charity drive

Finally, tattooed angels and their efforts to make the world a better place – charity drive to give back to a community.


literary tattoos.png

It’s a sort of paradox how ppl with no tattoos so often write about them! but let’s focus on the content, not on the author. I love literary tattoos, so it was interesting to go through this text and pics!

highbrow ink.png

Highbrow ink and the tattooers’ thoughts on it!

tattoo donation

Kind of creepy (ever since my rib skin removal the word “flay” has a very painful effect on me! :D) but also interesting. One must admire the guy‘s determinationa nd resolution!

be a change you want to make!

tattoo protest

Climate talks in Paris are important but it’s more important to not only talk but also really care – this tattoo protest focused on the climate changes is def. interesting!

Miss Ink Australia

Miss Ink Australia – some background. an interesting story and a pretty girl; too bad the only pics they decided to use are those in swimwear (why not daily wear or sth showing her talents?).