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let’s try to be color-blind!

what's underneath

The Guardian published a cool slide show of heavily tattooed ppl with and without clothes . And even tho not all the bodies shown here are stellar according to today’s standards, that’s not important. I absolutely love how words and tattoos tell these ppl’s stories and show that tattoos are so much more than the narrow-minded ppl usually think!

Justin Trudeau

The same goes with the tattooed country leader buzz now as is it really such a big deal that a failry young PM has a tattoo? Does it change anything about him? His skills and political instinct (and his family ties which are important in this “scene”, let’s be honest about that!) are unaffected by his tattoo “blunder,”, aren’t they? This article sharing the Haida leader’s thoughts on the subject is actually more interesting!

Vladimir Franz

And he’s not the only one plitician with a tattoo, of course and it can be even taken to a way higher level as Vladimir Franz (altho he’s not a politician per se) showed us a few years back!

As usual, let’s stay open-minded and pay attention to things way more important than a piece of colored skin šŸ˜‰

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