native tattoos

Another story focused on Native American tattoos in Alaska (with Greenland also playing an important role). “Permanence is why tattoos carry so much weight: For Nordlum and the growing number of Alaska Native women getting traditional tattoos, it’s about showing the world a permanent, proud Native identity.” More than one may think at first.

tattoo process 1

An interesting college class focused not as much on the looks and appearance  as on the process behind the tattooing (not only thoughts, feelings, emotions involved but also logistics and things behind the stage). Again, more than it seems at first.

tattoo process 2

A photo project focused on ppl during the process of acquiring a tattoo. I’m not sure if it’s such a good idea – not everything should be at display and some of the pics put off, at least at first and not that many ppl tend to think things over, esp. when they get to see it on the Internet.

The most unusual tattoo requests in Dutch – ppl are so weird, ain’t they? 😉