let’s try to be color-blind!

what's underneath

The Guardian published a cool slide show of heavily tattooed ppl with and without clothes . And even tho not all the bodies shown here are stellar according to today’s standards, that’s not important. I absolutely love how words and tattoos tell these ppl’s stories and show that tattoos are so much more than the narrow-minded ppl usually think!

Justin Trudeau

The same goes with the tattooed country leader buzz now as is it really such a big deal that a failry young PM has a tattoo? Does it change anything about him? His skills and political instinct (and his family ties which are important in this “scene”, let’s be honest about that!) are unaffected by his tattoo “blunder,”, aren’t they? This article sharing the Haida leader’s thoughts on the subject is actually more interesting!

Vladimir Franz

And he’s not the only one plitician with a tattoo, of course and it can be even taken to a way higher level as Vladimir Franz (altho he’s not a politician per se) showed us a few years back!

As usual, let’s stay open-minded and pay attention to things way more important than a piece of colored skin 😉

all ears ;)

ear piercings

An article in NYT points out the rising popularity of ear piercings; a post following this shows what can be done by means of fake jewelry which is always an easy way to achieve an interesting look.

Interestingly enough, the news is spreading about a guy who decided to chop his ears off in his pursuit for a chosen look. It looks odd for most of us but isn’t it interesting to live in the times where so much is possible?

A totally failed and misunderstood chest hook suspension.

false assumptions

A recent study claims that tattooed ppl tend to be more (verbally) aggressive. It’s a terribly simplified claim when you take a closer look at reasons ppl get their tattoos and how ppl tick in general. Women celebrating their bodies after mastectomy and increasingly adorning their bodies do that due to their inner agression? Parents getting their children’s drawings tattooed on them do so to channel their anger? The claim that “when these individuals experience a negative emotional event, they may be more likely to react by pursuing an act that is seen as defiant. The act of tattooing is perceived as rebellious, or more generally tattoos themselves can signify defiance or dissent.” is ridiculous as there are millions of other, non-tattooed ppl who channel their verbal agression and anger in way more negative and socially unacceptable ways. But the headlines sound cool and they stick around, so here we have yet another stereotype in the process of being formed.

ex-teacher's story

I totally know what it’s like. Sadly, it really happens! And it’s also based on an assumption that tattooed ppl are somehow inferior to the so-called normal ppl.

facial tattoos

Sth a bit different but also containing “cool” key words such as “shock,” “upset,” “terrified” etc. – facial tattoos on BBC.

old and new side by side

bodymod grinders

A pretty interesting article on more extreme forms of body modification and people who decided to undergo such procedures. As with everything, it’s actually unwise to ask why as the reasons are endless and yet everything can be summed up with simple ‘why not?’

body suspension in Sri Lanca

This photo appeared in the newest issue of the Polish NG. It’s nicely traditional and shows that there is way more more to body suspension than the mass media want us to think!


native tattoos

Another story focused on Native American tattoos in Alaska (with Greenland also playing an important role). “Permanence is why tattoos carry so much weight: For Nordlum and the growing number of Alaska Native women getting traditional tattoos, it’s about showing the world a permanent, proud Native identity.” More than one may think at first.

tattoo process 1

An interesting college class focused not as much on the looks and appearance  as on the process behind the tattooing (not only thoughts, feelings, emotions involved but also logistics and things behind the stage). Again, more than it seems at first.

tattoo process 2

A photo project focused on ppl during the process of acquiring a tattoo. I’m not sure if it’s such a good idea – not everything should be at display and some of the pics put off, at least at first and not that many ppl tend to think things over, esp. when they get to see it on the Internet.

The most unusual tattoo requests in Dutch – ppl are so weird, ain’t they? 😉

made in Poland …

This ad has been around for some time now.

not freaks

We have tattoos. We are not freaks!” a sort of grassroot movement trying to show ppl that ‘tattooed’ doesn’t really equal “weird,” “anormal” or “bad.”

camo colors

Camo colors‘ about tattoos covering mastectomy scars in this weekend’s issue of the Polish “High Heels” edition.

Open your eyes, open your minds!