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fuer immer und immer …

tattoo preserving

the title is a reference to a cool song by Henzel und Gretyl but tattoos operate on the same level of permanence, don’t they? Once we are dead, they are not so permanent anymore but Americans from OH want to change it and preserve the tattoos after the death of their owners. Was the idea develope independently (along the great-minds-do-think-alike lines) or somehow inspired by Henk Schiffmacher and his wish to preserve his and others’ tattoos for their cultural and personal value’s sake? And let’s not forget these guys!

Temporary tattoos are a hit, too; here some Alice in Wonderland tattoos.

so what

A big shocker or just an ordinary thing? Everything depends on our openmindness and exposure to other ppl’s taste, I guess.

tattoos for food

Finally, a cool thing being done for others – tattoos for food!

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