diverse and that’s why interesting

Apple Watch and tattoos

An explanation why the Apple Watch doesn’t work on tattooed skin.

arm modifications

bizarre’ arm modifications – do they make you gasp? 😉

Rick-Walters' legend

Rick Walters – one of the living legends of the industry.

Polish musicians

Always cool when it’s in Polish – tattoos on Polish musicians and the modern tattoo scene as seen by tattoo artists and their customers!

different views

tattoos are a bad idea - that's the point

Since I lived in this city years ago, news from South Bend, IN always catch my attention. This time it’s also tattoos-related and not in a good way. As it could be expected, there were some reactions to it on the web. I really like the one adivsing to lighten up about tattoos and recommending just being a kind, decent human being – we won’t change people’s fears and perception by sulking and being aggressive but we can win them with our kindness … or sth 😉

More and more older people opt for a tattoo – that’s both good and interesting, even if not very new.

Blindspot - Season Pilot

A “Blindspot” TV series focuses on tattoos, crimes and riddles.

go big!

A Polish article presents the local scene and the growing interest in tattoos. Another one, focused on the South Korean tattoo scene, presents cats-themed tattoos done in South Korea despite the fact that tattoos are still a taboo there.

Digital tattoos show what the future might bring.

A swedish teaching assistant has been pushing limits with his ear stretching passion.

fund for a disabled teen

Finally, say what you want but everyone can help – a body piercing fund raiser to collect money for a disabled teen!