what’s behind …

Could a tattoo cost you a  job?‘ everyone’s story is different but mine says “hell, yes!”

Skin Book” – if such a thing really exists, it shows how weird things can get! 😉

tattoo stories

Women, tattoos and stories behind them – always interesting!

scars … reclaiming

Thanks to Bastian for sending this cool link my way!

be kind

I love scars, always had,a lways will but I do understand that not all ppl share my fascination with the ability to heal a great damage done to our bodies. It’s amazing, tho, how flexible and adaptable we are and what we can overcome.


heartbeat tattoo pic

What a heart really is? A muscle? if so, it’s damn important to runners and we measure our heart rate to see if we are in the groove! A source of kindness? Wearing our hearts on our sleeves, having our heart in the right place etc. This one shows that our heartbeat also equals devotion and if it’s true that the way our hearts beat is unique to us only, it only gets better!

times and tastes


Cindy Ray was one of the first heavily tattooed women and may still be considered quite inspirational!

tess holliday

Tess Holliday is inspirational as well – maybe inked women don’t raise too many eyebrows these days but bigger sizes do!

Hopefully all over the world and not only in the US – ink on the increase.


Humorous and exaggerated: a ‘shocking’ trend of ear tattoos.

we never know!

70 year old retired accountant Stephen started his body canvas at 50 years of age. People would never suspect what lies beneath that grey jumper!

70 year old retired accountant Stephen started his body canvas at 50 years of age. People would never suspect what lies beneath that grey jumper!

Maybe the Daily Mail is not the most reliable info source out there but I def. liked the story they ran recently! Stephen Perry had allegedly worked under cover and all this time he was acquiring tattoos. True or not (cuz these days we never know), it’s a cool  story nevertheless as it shows that, once again, we never know how interesting people we come across may be!

pain and time factors

jack rudy

A living legend of the American tattooing, Jack Rudy, talks pain, tattoos then and now and a few other things. A touch of history and personal experience.

Pain factor also in this very modern text; and another one about lyrics tattoos; kind of unsettling that I don’t know too many bands from the 90’s? 😉

dress code

Body mods, job interviews and work dress code; enough said!

HR Giger’s death anniversary celebrated by a film festival in NYC.

not just skin deep …

beauty is ...

it’s a common phrase used to describe tattoos – beauty is more than skin deep … true and trivial as it is, all of us may prove this statement true. A new photography project, by Niall Patterson, shows people who not only look beautiful but are also able to articulate their thoughts pretty well! Funny that a big cosmetic company goes for a similar thing in their new campaign “I’m beautiful because …

jestem piekna bo ...

The History of Tattooed Women” lectured in NYC!

Finally, an interesting article from SA about tattoos on dark-skinned Africans!

Mum tattoos and some more

Mum tattoos

It’s Mother’s Day in the US but here we have to wait for that a bit longer; always good, tho, to remember about people who are, or at least should be, the most important and loving in our lives. Tattoos just add to it.

tattoos now

How things have changed and how we look at tattoos.


Two artists, Dr. Woo and Paul Fiddler from somewhere in the US. Two different lifestyles and, probably, two different approaches to art.