God and tattoos …

One of these rare articles focused on faith and actually supporting tattoos: 5 Christian arguments for getting tattoos.

autism awareness

April is National Autism Awareness Month and this guy’s idea to help raise awareness teamed up with a local tattoo shop is awesome!

new orleans tattoo museum

Finally, another article about the New Orleans Tattoo Museum, already up and running!

the old traditions

say no to FGM

Surprising news from the UK where female genital piercings may be considered a form of FGM! It’s definitely both suprrising and outrageous to even compare both forms of modification as they are on the opposite sides of the body modification spectrum! It’s even more outrageous that male genital piercings seem to be totally OK.

In other, less shocking news …


Japanese tattoo tradition in an exhibition in NYC and another one focused on the Lexington Project in the Art Museum at the University of Kentucky.

The best tattoo shops in NYC and Chicago.

Bamboo tattoos – the process, the feelings, the impressions.

The European Union is looking closely into tattoo inks; nothing solid as of yet, though.


A very interesting article about centuries-old Coptic tattoos!

symbols, meanings, stories

Burma/ Chin Volksgruppe/ Tattoos

A very cool story in Spiegel, a German newspaper, tells about Chin women from Burma whose facial tattoos show the long tradition that’s been dying out right in front of our eyes!

reclaiming swastika

Guido Baldini of the Lost Cowboy tattoo studio has been trying to reclaim the swastika symbol. His efforts are commendable but it’s worth mentioning that he isn’t first as ManWoman was fighting for the same thing way earlier. It’s all about mutual efforts, education and persistence!

new tattoo museum in New Orleans

Finally, a new tattoo museum will be open very soon in New Orleans!

R.I.P Terry Pratchett!

Terry Pratchett ...

The world became a little sadder and emptier! He was a great writer and cool guy (judging by his writing talent, great characters he created and a sense of style that is!).

I got to read my first Terry Pratchett book a few years back in Budapest where I spent a few days pretty much mute, with a swollen tongue cut in two and prowling the city in search for free ice cubes 🙂 His wiritng brightened my days back then and will some of those yet to come. He will be missed by many of us!

terry pratchett