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tattoo day in rzeszow

I like starting with the tag ‘modified charity’ as it shows, over and over again, that no matter what the non-tattiied ppl think, the modified people also have big hearts. So here we have Trouble Bound Studio and their fundraiser for the Daffodil Place and a report from the Tattoo Day in Rzeszow, Poland.

Batista against stereotypes

A photo project by Mr. Batista again; too cool not to mention it again!

People, tattoos and passion in an article about the Rising Tide shop in OH, US.

Chaim Machlev

Chaim Machlev and his awesome tattoos straight from Germany. And also from Germany an article about a pastor writing his Ph.D. thesis on body modification. A short text about another tattoo artist from Micronesia only adds to this multiculti mix.

From the Dutch-speaking countries an article about tattoos under hypnosis and a text showing what might happen with your dream tattoo.

tattoos in the Guardian

Tattoos as an art form.

From the US we have a piece of news about tattoos hindering the recruitment efforts for the U.S. Army.

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