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de gustibus non est disputandum but … ;)

vicky harris body modifier

Vicky Harris, a UK-based body modifier performed ear scalpelling on her friend and the whole thing got filmed for the ‘Bodyshockers‘ show. What is this show focused on? ‘on the extreme, gruesome and terrifying culture of body modification.’ As if face lifting, liposuction, breast implants and botoxing everything possible wasn’t gruesome, huh? One must just love one-sided perspectives. Ms. Harris looks wonderful, tho!


A broader view is possible how this article about some possible cooperation between doctors and tattoo artists suggests!

Tattoos and narcissism? Why not but it also way more; just like pretty much everything else. Let’s think outside the box!

ChrisHamilton of Fallen Owl Tattoo

Two tattoo artists and their journeys to the craft! (and their tattoo shops!)

It’s both funny and some food for thought – how a tattoo shop got judgemental about someone’s tattoo choice.

12 things you should know about foot tattoos – not bad writing and some cool GIFs.

horror tattoos

With Friday the 13th fast approaching, take a look at some horror tattoos. Actually, I’d rather look at horror tattoos than watch some of these movies 😉

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