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Oetzi and pin-up girls – postmodernism rules, no?

Oetzi's tattoos

A bit more about the most famous Iceman ever and his newly discovered tattoo(s).

Inked Pin-Up issue 2014

The Inked magazine and its pin-up issue (the pic above is from 2014).

Cosmo posted an article about the Polish project ‘Freedom tattoos’ (altho I’d say that ‘liberating tattoos’ might a better name). Controversial as it is, it’s better to have a great tattoo than a bad one!

tattoos suffer from misplaced criticism‘ – good point altho it takes a lot of time and effort to change the mainstream’s attitude (not that many of us are going to stop trying!).

American Vintage Tattoo team

Shop talk from a shop owner in CA and a tattoo artist from CO.

Expanded Eye shop seems to be doing a great job with creating quite high brow tattoos.

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