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Syracuse tattoo artist

New year, new plans … Before you decide to go for your first/ (insert the applicable digit here) tattoo, here are 5 tips before getting inked (courtesy of a tattoo artist from Halo Tattoo, Syracuse, NY).

septum kitten

Funnily enough, here’s a grumpy kitten kind of against a septum piercing but only if you choose a DIY route and you don’t know what you are doing!

Here’s a woman that kicked the cancer’s a$$ by means of self-affrmation and good body art!

senior tattoos

Screw the stereotypes, also these focused on age, and follow an example of this lovely elderly lady!

A small update on ‘toys for tatsdrive in Springfield, MO – a huge success, warm hearts, giving back to their community and, hopefully, a small victory against the silly stereotypes!

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