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‘curvacious,’ ‘curves’ and related words were kind of popularized thanks to Kim Kardashian and media obsessing about the Keeping with the Kardashians show but many women (myself included) are actually trained to think that ‘skinny’ equals ‘beautiful’ and it’s not easy to achieve in the real world – is that posisble to Photoshop the real, tangible, physical you after all? Victoria Janashvili is working on the photography project that aims at changing the way the ‘regular’ female body is perceived and showing that female curves, even when far from so-called perfection, are still beautiful. As she writes on her Kickstarter page: “A book of that sort has not been made before and we strongly believe that it it sends a very strong message that would spread love, happiness and relief. In today’s society the suicidal rate is the highest in recorded history and it’s mostly appearance based. This means that by spreading an image of a realistic and beautiful body that women of all ages can relate to and find beautifully portrayed we can save some lives.

lauren fleshman

Interestingly enough, yesterday I got to read a piece by Lauren Fleshman, an outstanding American runner, who tackled a hard question of so-called feminine looks. The old running adage says that ‘runners come in all shapes and sizes’ and that, obviously, applies also to all other men and women!

And all of the above is relevant here as our bodies matter, in all shapes, sizes and … colors, of course!

Totally different but also an interesting read is an article about a local tattoo artist from AZ and his road to tattooing!

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