the runner!

cool runner

A new issue of the American RW presents a nicely heavily tattooed ultrarunner who isn’t afraid of being herself and going against the stereotypes! A quick Google search shows her other interests.

I love the word play in this relatively new column of the RW and how, obviously, the human race(s) come(s) in many colors! 🙂

for our lil bros (and sisters, too)

NYC outrage

It didn’t take *that* long! When a *cough* “tattoo artist” tattooed his dog and posted about it online, it sparked quite an outrage in NYC and everywhere else (it’s a small world these days). Now tattooing or modifying animals in other “unconventional” ways is going to be forbidden in NY. The law is not anti-body mod at all, it’s againts all the irresponsible people who don’t think about their furry/ scaly/ feathery friends’ wellbeing!

body and psyche

From Germany an article teasing us how body modification changes not only our bdoies but also our souls!