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museum exhibit

An interesting project can be seen and experienced by means of “Skin Datain one of museums in NYC; the process of tattooing is going to be translated/ transformed into visual images combining technology, art, perofrmance and neuroscience. The person behind it is Amanda Wachob, a tattoo artist herself.

Something more traditional from Poland – an exhibition devoted to Thai tattoos.

It actually goes without saying that it’s important to know our roots and roots and meanings of the symbols we are using. Not always obvious, tho. It’s great, however, that so many native (to a given cutlure) tattoo artists appreciate and protect their tattoo art and start organizing tattoo conventions focused solely on indigenuous tattoo art – here ‘Indigenuous Ink‘ and a few words about Mo Naga and his efforts to protect and develop his native tattoo art.

Finally, a few interesting articles about the very first Scottish tattoo artist, Prince Vallar.

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