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not too often body suspension appears in the mainstream media, so … I actually like this sentence: ‘Body suspension is the sensorial confrontation of pain and an arena for self-discovery. The ability to shape and cultivate an ideal state within one’s mind, in accordance with one’s will, is nothing short of an act of a magician.’ it’s not like it reflects my personal approach to body suspension but then again, it’s so higly individual that it’s impossible to do it!

the close-up picture is also nice!

overview of sort

sailor tattoos

Australian sailors and soldiers! And also from Australia, the history of tattoos. And the history of tattooed women in Australia!

That’s actually a joke as I don’t really like the celeb stuff but seeing how I sometimes get to watch the Voice of Germany … Samu Haber and his tattoos.

A gallery of interesting characters from the recent London Tattoo convention!

Business punks: tattoos in job courtesy of Bastian!