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knuckle tattoos

Chipping away from the newsfeed clog in my mailbox but I came across this one thanks to my home WiFi access (home sweet home!). Something I’ll never do myself (and it’s not only because of the visibility of the placement) but it’s also this kind of tattoo I really like. If I ever decided to go for a knuckle tattoo myself, I’d get “have fun!”! 😉

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2 responses to “knuckles!

  1. bastian ⋅

    “have fun”, not “stay calm”? Or “run free”?

  2. Ania ⋅

    ‘stay calm’ is and always will be Shannon’s tattoo! ‘have fun’ is big enough to contain not only ‘run free’ but also ‘eat alot,’ ‘read much,’ ‘stay sha(r)p’ etc.

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