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base hooking

Of course it”s not the proper name for the activity you see in the pics in this post but I like playing with words. This summer I got to hear a lot about it and YES, I’d love to try it myself one day. Wyrd geht stets seinen Lauf, so who knows? For now, let’s admire those who have enough courage, skills and a sense of fun to try it!

You can read a little about it here and here.


Stanislav-Aksenov (1)

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One response to “base hooking

  1. bastian ⋅

    Well, we have taken to call this the BASEjump suspension. Try that yourself? Well, next summer is your chance, when Stanislav will be back in the Valley! And (I think I told you already)only one news report 9 got the facts correct- it was an Australian named Wes Kennedy who jumped and flew, not Stanislav. When you look closely in the video (it’s more detailed on the original HD footage I have) you can even see the Beast and me down there 🙂

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