*im*possible regrets


Making rounds on the Internet – a young German Guy with quite heavy modifications! And even if the split tongues are *nothing new,* his cheek piercings are still both impressive and unusual. His body, his choice!

There are always, however, people (read: journalists?) who just love to remind you about the future and possible regrets, so here we have an article about ‘temporary fad’ and tackling its consequences – stretched lobes.

An interesting article about tattooed women from Ireland reminded me of the book ‘Tattooed Lady,’ which is a great read! Just for the balance’s sake here’s an article also from Ireland about employers being very wary to hire tattooed people! Just a few months ago I’d have said that it’s all about who you are, not how you look but now I’m bitterer and wiser!

Be a good employee but don’t go overboard with loyalty and devotion to your boss! Jill Abramson doesn’t work for New York Times anymore which raises a question what she’ll do with her T tattoo. BBC also uses this opportunity to try to answer an important question ‘why do people get their employer’s logo as a tattoo?

Zombie Boy is going to visit Switzerland soon as a DJ.


Dermatography courtesy of Ariana Page Russel!

Giger as a guilt-free pleasure. Wherever he is now, I hope he has his own pleasures to his dark heart’s delight!