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Kid Ink, an American rapper, in an interview focused on his tattoos but he was also kind enough to take part in a Peta campaign! More modified charity accents in articles from UK and Canada.

An interesting article about Horiyoshi and his Yokohama Tattoo Museum is worth reading. How the Master stated himself: “No matter how many times the government tries to prohibit tattooing, it will never disappear. To receive and to give tattoos is a human instinct.”


If you happen to be in Paris soon, you definitely should check out a new museum exhibition devoted to tattoos!

Japan Inked’ sheds some light on tattoo culture in this country while an article about Iban pride discusses attempts to keep the local tattoo tradition alive!

This one is certainly interesting – selfie surgeries are getting popular, especially among the younger crowd.

If you want to conceal your tattoos, you can use some make up tricks from this article. Below this col video featuring Zombie Boy for Dermablend.


Tattoos in Americawho, how old, what educational background etc. Apparently, ‘they’ know everything about ‘you’ 😉 And a  German article states that the tattooed people are more accepted in Germany now.

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