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good deeds and prejudice


I love reading about tattooed (or modified in other ways) people who do random or carefully planned acts of kindness and thus fight against prejudice and stereotypes about the modified. In today’s post you can read about a TX-based shop that went for tattoos for autism awareness (with a video), another shop supporting childhood cancer, a HI tattoo shop tattooing for free as a way to give back to their community, a British woman who got 101 tattoos for charity and another British who decided to sell space on her body to fund her charity trip. Maybe not all these ideas seem ‘normal’ at first (but then again, what is normal?) but it’s better to be considered ‘abnormal’ and at least try to change the world into a better place than to be considered ‘normal’ and do nothing!


Another thing that is quite important to me these days is dress code and how it’s implemented in the work environment. Another article about a dress code for teachers from California is all about their professional appearance at work and doesn’t say anything about their private image. This text focuses on a tattoo policy for a local police department while here you can read how dress code and tattoos are viewed in the U.K. It’s not a simple matter and it certainly goes against some social norms but, to say the least, it’s hypocritical when a tattooed person is perceived as a negative influence but a smoking person without tattoos is getting a slack.

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