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clipped wings


tattoo artist seems to be a new ‘in’ profession for romance/ erotic fiction. Cowboys? Gone they are. Businessmen? Probably went down along with the Lehman Brothers. Now it’s the tattoo artists that personify the wild streak in men and allure for women.

I came ascross this interview yesterday and read it with some interest. After all, why wouldn’t I be interested in reading a story centered on a tattoo artist? The author discussed the plot and the hidden meanings quite eloquently and enthusiastcally. Posts on her website show how active and strong the modern marketing machine is and how omnipresent it might be both for fans and potential readers.

So I was ready to buy the book, impulsive and book-loving as I am. For now, however, I limited myself to just going through a Kindle sample of the ‘Clipped Wings’ story and maybe that’s it for me? Somewhow I would like to read something more meaty about the oh-so hip and depraved world of body mods than a bored tattooist tired of working on college girls and suddenly into a totally unique college girl with the troubled past.

It’s not a review, not a recommendation and certainly not a critical opinion of a book I read only two chapters from; it’s just a way to keep myself (and some others interested in the subject) up to date on what’s published on tattoos and how they are perceived by others out there.

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