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# 600

the 600th post today! who’d have thought, eh? but I’m not gonna get all sentimental or teary-eyed. It’s been fun! 🙂

a short but broad range of topics tonight!


old Egyptian mummies discovered and examined; one of them with a tattoo with a Christian message. The title of the article above very clickable, isn’t it?

an American photographer Austin Tott juxtaposes tiny ‘tattoos’ with urban (and other) landcapes which makes for a very interesting artistic concept. His website is here!


kissin’ on my tattoos‘ song is not exactly my cup of tea but it’s interesting to see how tattoos are used to express tenderness. Another song along these lines is probably ‘tattoo’ by Jordin Sparks but YouTube offers way more: ‘snapbacks and tattoos‘ or ‘tattoo‘ to name just two.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t limit body art and body modification to just one level; it always escapes classifications and limitations imposed on it by those who don’t understand concepts behind it and that’s exactly why it’s so fascinating! 🙂


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