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our bodies, our rights


Amnesty International launched a great campaign called ‘my body, my rights’ to raise awareness of the most basic human rights:

you have the right to live free from rape and sexual violence;

you have the right to choose your partner;

you have the right to know and learn about your body, sexual health and relationships;

you have the right to choose if, or when, you have children.

The campaign and its message is illustrated by Hikaru Cho, a Japanese body painting artist and her work, as usual, is more than stunning! Here’s a video showing her at work!

We also have the right to modify our bodies and, contrary to what the Ink Reality TV wants us to think, there really doesn’t have to be any meaning to it. This article, ‘my tattoos don’t really mean anything and I like it that way,’ shows it really nicely.

The Tattoo Reality TV shows and why they are not much respected by the tattoo community here. More about the author, Dawn Cooke, here.

A very interesting exhibit on Japanese tattooing is going to happen in Los Angeles. It’s called ‘‘Perseverance: Japanese tattoo tradition in a modern world’ and more about it you can find on the museum’s website.

‘Safety tattoos’ for children with food allergies – tattoos not only as fun but also as a useful tool for parents!

Much uproar was caused by a NYC-based tattoo artist who tattooed his dog while the pet was under anesthesia. People call it disgrace and cruelty, and some local politicians want to ban pet tattoos and piercings. This post started with the words ‘our bodies, our rights;’ others’ bodies, others’ rights but animals have their own rights that also should be respected, right?!?

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