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and yet tattoos can still be meaningful ;)

Memorial tattoos were so exploited by the *in*famous Ink Reality TV that for a while it seemed pretty much all the tattoos created out there just either had to be memorial ones or at least have some profound meaning. But ‘memorial’ tattoos can still be real:


A short article about friendship that is stronger than death itself. In the end, tattoos are not evil; they are many things – they can express who you are, they can give you strength, they can mark important events in your life and they can also help you deal with a loss that seems too big to endure.

And another one about not being afraid to make one’s dream come true and start living to the fullest at any age: a 59-year-old lawyer who not only started travelling around the world but also wearing the world on his shoulders back!


A video showing some of the lawyer’s adventures:

Other cool map tattoos you can find here!

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