olympic rings tattoo – a medal-winning machine!

I love the concept of human body as a complex, well-working machine, so of course the ‘medal-winning machine’ expression used in this article about a Canadian speedskater struck a cord!


The pics I used for the collage come from here! All credits prolly should go to Nick Purdon.

BAF Calendar 2014

I love BAF! Before anyone jumps to any assumption that I’m paid for saying so, though, let me tell you why I love BAF! They have a huge selection of great jewelry and more, they are fast and reliable, they are more than ready to help you out if your order got lost in the mail and, above all, they seem to be really nice people. And that’s why I do love BAF!

BAF calendars have been a fixture for a few years now and they always offer not only beautiful pictures of modified people and good quality jewelry but also coupons to use while shopping on the site. Last year they published a calendar focused on suspension; this year it’s even better as it’s all ‘man meat’ featuring male body piercers.

BAF cover 2

The calendar is beautifully made, the pictures show people with a huge sense of humor and it’ll def. bring smile to your face more than once or twice. Plus you’ll be able to save some money if you decide to shop on the BAF website on certain days every month.


BAF Calendar 2014. Man Meat. Male Piercers Edition;