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standing on the shoulders of giants*

I saved these links for a separate entry as people featured here are worth it!

Thom De Vita now in this article. I flipped through my copy of Don Ed Hardy’s book as I remembered he mentioned de Vita in there and sure enough, a few nice and warm words from him!


Lyle Tuttle, another pioneer, became the first tattoo artists who worked on all seven continents: Antarctic tattoos. Let’s also use this opportunity to shed some light on the spiritus movens of this fact: Anne Friedman who is an accomplished and heavily tattooed scholar (here a video of her ‘Recovering Western Tattooing’ lecture).

Finally Shanghai Kate Hellenbrand and her warm words about Sailor Jerry:

If he hadn’t done the things he did then, we wouldn’t be able to do the things we do now.”

A morsel of food for thought in this one where another tattooed scholar claims that ‘people always say the same things about tattoos.’


*The meaning and origin of the expression – it’s cool and true!

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  1. Thanks for the mention and links!

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