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that’s how it works!


I came across this article during my usual newsfeeding (I love mobile devices!) and I think it’s so good that it shouldn’t wait till weekend! If you click on this link, however, (and I’m strongly encouraging you to do so!), you’ll see that the journalist never bothered to ask about the reasons behind the woman’s decision and reasons to go so big tattoos-wise. It’s more important (and interesting in a freakshow way) that she’s blind (as if being blind meant you have no mind and aesthetical needs – it’s not only about seeing, it’s also about feeling a given way). It did make headlines, though, it caught our interest and that’s what counts the most! Kudos for this lady, though!

This one touched me – there’s something very endearing about this guy’s naive and idealistic way of thinking (but he’s probably very young and yet unscathed by the real world out there).


These guys were probably scathed many ways before: dress code rules for German policemen. Forgive me the crude arrows – I’m still testing this phone app! 🙂


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