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tattoo concept(s)


We can still make it [tattooing] as renegade as we want’ says Kate Shanghai Hellenbrand in an interview during a tattoo convention in Minneapolis, MN (here’s another interview with her in the Inked magazine).

Other tattoo artists featured in this week’s online world: a Texan who tried to break a Guinness world record for the longest tattoo session, a versatile tattooer called Mr. Peanut and a Polish tattoo artist, Marek Pawlik.

A tattoo museum in a tattoo shop in NYC.

A more traditional approach in a text about sak yant tattoos while here you can read about tattoos of the future.

Books: chefs’ ink featured in this book while here we have a Polish book on tattoos. I’ve just ordered it and I’m quite excited as, weirdly enough, it’ll be my first book on tattoos in Polish ever! Hopefully it’s a good one!

Body piercing in Islam.

Finally, a pretty cool video about the Tattoo Week in Rio de Janeiro!

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6 responses to “tattoo concept(s)

  1. Someone ⋅

    WOW! You have incredible tattoos, I didn’t expect..; -)
    Interesting blog, brave experiments!

  2. Ania ⋅

    such a nice, nice robot 😉

  3. Somebody ⋅

    Hmm. From where the inspiration for such tattoos? 🙂

  4. Somebody ⋅

    You have interesting life 🙂

  5. Ania ⋅

    I can’t complain! 🙂

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