popular, so (un)cool


Tattoos still going strong in the mainstream pop culture as this pic from a Victoria’s Secret show shows (it’s from 2012, mind you but seeing how active some celebs/ models are in this department, it’s still valid).

New ink reality TV shows also profit from popularity of tattoos although they seem to be turning in the ‘think before you ink’ direction: ‘Bad Ink’ and ‘Undo Me’ (which is going to cover much more than just bad tattoos).

Eyeball tattooing in Jamaica – in this case it really is better to think before, especially if you’re going to hit the DIY way.

Memorial tattoos became very popular thanks to the Ink TV but this one is worth reading, it’s a part of a bigger work (a chapter from ‘American Afterlife. Encounters in the Customs of Mourning’).

Modblog seems to be a lil better than its usual boring post-Shannon self; an interesting post from there about an upcoming documentary about Marc a.k.a Little Swastika (the website of the makers here).

Tattoos try and fail to reclaim swastika symbol’ offer much food for thought. Is it really possible to change the associations we have had with this symbol ever since the Nazi times? Is it worth fighting for?

The 21st century is an amazing time to live in – ‘people may be the next step in technology’ and e-whiskers.

‘the subculture of body suspension’ from New Zealand (thanks to Bastian who’s going to the hot climates right now ;))

Some Q&A with one of my fav body modifiers, the Lizardman!

New rules in the German army were also brought to my attention by Bastian. Here also a little bit about new rules in the American army,way  less draconian than in Germany.

Finally, a very harsh treatment of a tattoo artist in Iran. No radicalism is good!

it has a loong tradition, so it must be right ;)


The picture above comes from a very interesting website devoted to tattoos and their history across time, space and cultures. The Haida people and their culture were also featured in this article about their body art and meaning behind it. Here’s a slide show focused on modern Haida-inspired body art.

Mo Naga and his fight for preserving traditional tattooing in India.

An interesting discovery in Corpus Christi, TX where a trove of old tattoo flash was found!

Historical figures and their tattoos’ and, the Laubachs, a German family whose history and life are connected to tattoos very closely (the shop).

A report from a lecture about modern tattoo culture coming from high art.

People and their tattoos: Takashi Matsuba and his NYC-based shop where he tattoos tebori way, Dee Crowner, an IA librarian who’s not afraid of showing her wild side, Bill Kaufman, a tattoo artist also from IA, an American tattoo artist living in Germany who creates his own army (the shop’s website) an interview with a tattooed Dutchman, a rapper Kid Ink and his tattoos and finally David Cata who makes incredible things with his skin.

This guy deserves a separate paragraph as he seems to be doing amazing things – a doctor who saves tattoos post-op!

A German article discusses what drives ‘body modders’ to doing to their bodies what they do but I found it too simplistic to my taste. I dare to think our reasons are more complex!

And a documentary from Japan about a Japanese right-wing activist who happens to have quite extensive tattoo work done.

tattoo concept(s)


We can still make it [tattooing] as renegade as we want’ says Kate Shanghai Hellenbrand in an interview during a tattoo convention in Minneapolis, MN (here’s another interview with her in the Inked magazine).

Other tattoo artists featured in this week’s online world: a Texan who tried to break a Guinness world record for the longest tattoo session, a versatile tattooer called Mr. Peanut and a Polish tattoo artist, Marek Pawlik.

A tattoo museum in a tattoo shop in NYC.

A more traditional approach in a text about sak yant tattoos while here you can read about tattoos of the future.

Books: chefs’ ink featured in this book while here we have a Polish book on tattoos. I’ve just ordered it and I’m quite excited as, weirdly enough, it’ll be my first book on tattoos in Polish ever! Hopefully it’s a good one!

Body piercing in Islam.

Finally, a pretty cool video about the Tattoo Week in Rio de Janeiro!

January’14 NG


The very first NG issue of this year already provides us with both good reading material and beautiful and interesting pictures. Among the articles there is a gem called ‘Kayapo courage’ about an Amazon tribe that fights for keeping their traditions still alive and being able to live in the modern world at the same time.

After some googling I came across some blog posts that show the article made some impact not only on me but also on other people. Interestingly, and obviously, enough all of us look at and read this article differently and that makes a good point on its own.

I’m as concerned about the environment and indigenous people as many other people but I read this text with great interest not only because it shows how the world has been changing for the Kayapo people (and many other tribes for that matter) and how the local industry and shortsighted government are more than ready to sell their uniqueness and something that doesn’t even belong to them but was just put into their hands for a while to take a good care about it (meaning the environment) but also because it shows how insightful and wise the ‘savages’ actually are!

Pukatire, one of the chiefs, says: ‘You can’t use the white man’s stuff. Let the white people have their culture, we have ours.’ If we start copying white people too much, they won’t be afraid of us, and they will come and take everything we have. But as long as we maintain our traditions, we will be different, and as long as we are different, they will be a little afraid of us.” [underlined by me]  The Western modern culture is all about making people exactly the same. National and local traditions disappear and everything becomes just a pulp created by omnipresent pop culture that wants us to buy, have and use without thinking about consequences of our actions. Even the so-called modified who pride themselves with being themselves only tend to be a product of the fashion, business and entertainment. Pukatire shows that there’s a power in being different and being able to respect where you come from and to think what is going on both with us and around us. As long as we maintain our traditions, we will not only be different but also have open eyes and perceptive minds which is enough to at least try to be who you are, not who the others want you to be.

Having said that, I found it very funny (in a  bitter way) that to be able to read this article online and look at more pictures I was required to sign in for a free account on the NG site (I could do that via my email address or the omnipresent and strangulating FB monster! ;)) Talk about being an explorer and being able to roam freely on the web, eh?

On a side note, the author of the Kayapo courage mentions: ‘Kayapo pierce their infants’ earlobes as a way of symbolically expanding a baby’s capacity to understand language and the social dimension of existence; their phrase for “stupid” is ama kre ket, or “no ear hole.” ‘

wear your ink


This pretty cool photo for another PETA ad shows not only that wearing your own skin is better than wearing animal one but also what a great combo body fitness and body modification are in one package! More of the PETA’s ‘ink not mink’ here!

One may find PETA controversial, of course, but using tattoos to give women their self-confidence back is definitely a good thing (unless you are a conservative sexist with some psychotic traits that is), so let’s feature another article about nipple tattooing that helps cancer survivors not only on purely physical/ aesthetical level!

Women and tattoos in a photography project!

And women with tattoos on TV – a new ink reality TV show features Friday Jones herself. In other news, Shanghai Kat is going to visit a tattoo convention in Minnesota real soon.

Spend the day with a tattoo artist’ is from Australia and about an old-timer which makes is quite interesting (plus putting people in a tattoo shop and watching/ reading about them is almost like a conducting a psychological experiment ;))

It may sound a little rough at first but has good points and should be read and pondered on – ‘hand, neck, finger, face tattoos and why I won’t do them!

It works for some people – tattoo ideas taken from celebs and pop stars; in this case it’s mostly ear tattoos.

What Islam has to say on the subject of tattoos – interesting and elaborate to a degree.

Finally, a nice gem showing the Sinner Team (a Russian suspension group) in action – a video included!