the last one in 2013

An update on France and its ban of color ink.

Some Dutch stuff: preserving tattoos of the dead (kind of morbid but interesting plus it’s not a new idea after all) and a short interview with Texas Schiffmacher, Henk Schiffmacher’s daughter on her tattoos.

Are tattoos sinful?

This may be the future of body modification: smart pills, implants and throat ‘tattoos.’

A new underwear line based on an athlete’s tattoos.

There will be way more articles on the subject but let’s just stick to this one: the most talked about celebrity tattoos of the passing year!


so behind on the updates but a lot’s been happening! Let’s get started, though, shall we?

The biggest news was certainly Mandela’s death! It was coming, of course, but still, it’s one of these great people who changed the world for better! Soon after, people started getting Mandela tattoos – that’s how the pop culture works!

Mandela did change South African political system and kept trying to change the way people perceive those who differ from them but even in other countries it still matters – race and tattoos in advertising still have a negative impact on people! Unless you are a Rihanna who shows off not only her tattoos but also a lot more, here her new fragrance ad.

In Australia partial ban on tattoos in the police force.

Tattoos in Iran.

When I came across this article about writers and their tattoos I was quite interested. After feeding my Kindle with the books (they are, luckily for me, quite cheap!) my excitement somewhat subsided as the novel and stories proved to be just mediocre romances with tattoos used as accessories. Sure, there some attempts at making it good – multiple POV’s, setting in New Orlean and references to the impact Katrine had on the people living there, there was also one breast cancer survivor trying to reclaim her body, quite a strong BDSM motif etc. but still, there are way better novels about tattoos out there!

The first clip of the upcoming ‘Divergent’ movie. The ideas behind the faction tattoos are pretty cool; too bad soon there will be loads of faction tattoos in the real world! 😉