people and their tattoos

Tattoos in Motion – they look really awesome, don’t they?

An interesting anthropology-focused article on Chin facial tattoos.

Tattoo history and the Moskovitz family.

Don Ed Hardy – I really could listen to/ read this guy quite often.

Another interview in Dutch about tattoos – every body tells a story, right?

Body suspension in Arizona (an interview/ film with Steve Haworth!) and Minnesota.

A touch of amusement: temporary tattoos kind of celebrating Jane Austen and bad tattoos in Photoshop.

reclaim whatever you want! ;)


Reclaim Swastika’ Day!

‘Lexington Tattoo Project’ was linked to on here but it’s come to closing, so it’s worth mentioning again!

An exhibit ‘Modified.’

One of my favs: you are never too old to get tattooed.

Tattoos used for health reasons.

Google and its ‘throat tattoo.’

Free tattoos of Ataturk’s signature in Turkey.

An interesting interview with a tattooed world traveler in Dutch.

A good idea for very social people – tattoos for more than one body only.

praise, don’t condemn


More posters for the upcoming ‘Divergent’ movie have emerged and they look quite interesting. As for the book itself, I got to read it and must say it’s ‘one-time read’ for me – an interesting idea but overall it won’t beat such dystopian classics as ‘1984’ or ‘The Brave New World.’

November 13 is ‘Reclaim the Swastika’ day across the world thanks to tattoo artists who want to reclaim the symbol and also celebrate ManWoman. Here’s their FB page.

Human Rights Tattoo Project in South Africa.

Some tattoo history and trivia in these pieces on American and Japanese tattoos.

A slide show of religious tattoos and an article about a tattooed Lutheran pastor. From Turkey news about fatwa issued against tattoos.

Polish articles about tattoos at work. Same old, same old, I’d say, though.

A cool tattoo idea for creative and easily bored people: a blank comic stripe. Also, Chaim Machley, a tattoo artist based in Germany, and his tattoos.

artists and their tools


Banksy, despite his well-maintained anonymity, is a very influential artist and now he managed to make people get tattooed with his works in NYC.

Body hacking certainly is a very interesting concept even if this brand new and quite daring example of it seems both bold and kind of uncomfortable; it’s also interesting because the project was was made thanks to Steve Haworth’s skills.

Ben Kingsley discusses his Maori-inspired tattoos for the ‘Ender’s Game’ movie.

The Haunted Cottage in the US.

Psychologists, children and tattoo expos – to put it simply, they just don’t agree.

Some eye candy for tattoo lovers – a German slide show of ten top tattoo artists in the world.