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watch, envy, get your own!

This week started with the news on new rules for US army concerning tattoos. Apparently tattoos below knees and elbows won’t be allowed. You can shed your blood but you can’t express yourself?

The next piece of news sounded quite shocking – tattoos can give you cancer. Am I miserable and afraid now? Nope! Seeing how polluted this planet is, leaving the house and breathing may give me cancer, too. And even though not all of us know ‘how we’re gonna die…,’ we should at least have some fun while here, no? 😉

This weekend this place is certainly a lot of fun and it gets a lot of media coverage, too – 9th London Tattoo Convention.

Other interesting tattoo events – Dutdutan in Phillipines and a convention in Hong Kong plus Solo Tattoo Solidarity from Indonesia.

Also from Hong Kong a very interesting interview with Joey Pang of the Tattoo Temple shop. The galleries are worth checking out!

Other tattoo artists: Lal Hardy and his new business endeavor, an Irish tattoo artist working in Cairo, Egypt and 5 very promising tattoo artists according to some Chinese magazine (a Pole, Davee Blows, included).

This shop, called Prison Break, reminded me of the famous TV show also called Prison Break. These were the days when I admired Michael Scofield’s tattoos and wanted to have my own set of sleeves!


Entertainment: The Lizardman Down Under (in New Zealand to be precise), banana tattoos and a very temporary doodle body art.


There are more and more TV shows and movies exploring/ using tattoos to their own ends and seems like the movie ‘Divergent’ may be one of them (it’s based on books about a dystopian city divided into 5 factions; the Dauntless faction members are stereotypically tattooed, pierced and clad in black risk takers 😉 ). But sometimes tattoos are frowned upon – Ridley Scott doesn’t want people with large tattoos on his Moses film set.

I love when modified people are generous and caring – here another example that the modified bunch has big hearts: almost 9.000 bucks for a boy with terminal illness.

News from Poland: one of tattoo shops in Poznan, Poland, a local contest ‘Tattoo of the Year’ (also from Poznan) and Silesia-themed tattoos.

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